Tips for balancing winter holidays and pets

pets on vacations

Want to escape and relax? Go on a winter vacation to detoxify your body! Despite this enthusiasm, the eternal problem arises: what to do with your pet? Our advice.

Pets are part of our family. They bring us affection, happiness and joy. They are also useful because dogs help us with certain tasks. Staying caulked at home during the winter causes fatigue and a decrease in general tone. Are you planning to go on vacation in February? You make the best decision because most of all you need to relax. Before attacking the second trimester, make way for distractions and entertainment!

Does going alone without your pets cause some kind of feeling of abandonment? However, their presence represents constraints when you perform activities such as sports or go to a restaurant. So, what to do? Why are you torturing the mind? Going on vacation with your dog is a good option. The advantage: you leave with a light thought, without remorse or worry because your pet dog stays with you.

Are you one of the lucky ones who have the opportunity to leave the daily grind behind? Have no hesitation. Direction: ski resorts for winter sports. With a good organization, leaving together should not represent a burden. However, you must plan for everything, including animal transport. For a successful ski holiday, good preparation with rigorous planning is essential. Are you ready? So, follow our steps!

Going on vacation with your dog: good organization

Do you know that bringing your favorite animal to the mountains is not impossible? You just have to organize yourself, a bit like going with your children. To make your 4-legged friends discover the joys of altitude, follow our advice:

Tip 1: preparations before departure: To spend your ski holiday in complete serenity, don’t wait until the last day to pack! You may forget important items. Is it covered by insurance? For your peace of mind, consider contracting it because incidents caused by dogs are often unpredictable. Provide a special bag to store the essentials such as bowl, brush, favorite toys, mattress and of course it’s croquettes.

Tip 2: protective measures for the dog: Does your pet have a health record? Are his vaccines up to date? The check is essential so that he does not risk falling ill, which could spoil your winter vacation. Plan a medicine kit containing an antiparasitic, an eye solution, pliers to remove thorns or tics, etc. For train or plane travel, opt for a dog transport bag adapted to its size.

Tip 3: respect the rules of the resorts:  Please note that it is forbidden to let your dog roam freely on the ski slopes. The same applies to toboggan runs and cross-country ski trails. This measure is taken for the safety of the skiers but also that of your animal. During walks and dog transport, keep it on a leash at all times. Your holiday chore? Don’t forget to bring your plastic bag for picking up his droppings!

Taking your cat to winter sports: a great challenge!

A cat is not as docile as a dog. It is therefore unthinkable to bring him, you say? And yet, we can tell you that it is possible. It’s not as complicated as you thought, with good organization! Our advice revolves around the following points:

Tip 1: The cat transport bag will be in line with its size: The animal must have enough space to move, stand up or lie down. There is a wide range of models with shoulder straps, handles, wheels, …

Tip 2: place this bag on the passenger’s knees: Your child will be able to cuddle and reassure him during the trip. If the trip is long, make stops and walk it with a cat harness to stretch it.

Tip 3: ask your veterinarian for advice if your cat is wild or fearful: He may prescribe a mild sedative to calm him during the journey. The trip can stress him out and make him sick.

Tip 4: during the stay, do not change his diet: Bring his favorite croquettes in sufficient quantity. You will avoid possible gastric problems!

The effective solution to free you from these tasks? 

Being in contact with nature is the best way to find your punch! Despite our advice, taking your pet seems complex and restrictive. The reasons are multiple: limitation of your activities, risk of accidents and illnesses, … How to do it?

Entrust the guard to a worker on your vacation spot

How to work around these problems? We have the solution! When you are there, keeping your dog is a good alternative. Use a professional and a collaborative consumption platform. It connects individuals like you with jobbers who are service providers for home animal care. A reliable person who loves animals will take care of your companion at your vacation spot. The approach for the guard of the dog is carried out in 2 times 3 movements.


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