Top 5 Ways To Have More Family Time

Top 5 Ways To Have More Family Time

They are all working or attending school from home, but they do not have time for each other. Or they are always on their phone or working.

 Are you someone tired of seeing your family in these scenarios as well?

Are you tired of having a decent hour of family time in a twenty-four-hour long day?

 Then you have reached the right place. 

Family Time Is Important!

In this day and age, with bust academic and work schedules, we often ignore our family. Why not break this chain of events, start new traditions and enjoy family time?

1. Bring Back Movie Times

In the world of Netflix and Hulu, we forget the true meaning of movie times. Something the 90s and early 2000s kids will relate to. Now that they are making their way into family time, they are unable to incorporate more family time because of the digital era.

 However, why not introduce the idea of family movie times? You could make an event out of it. During the week, you can sit down with your kids and decide on a movie. Each week someone gets a chance to pick a movie of their choice. Then you download the movie beforehand from the pirate bay.

 In this way, you already have the movie, and you can even disconnect the wifi. Uninterrupted family time without any obstruction from the internet and the outside world. Get the popcorn ready!

2. Have Regular Family Dinners

Today’s youth have almost forgotten about family dinners, but why so? Remember when we were kids? It was the call of our parents for dinner, all sitting together having a chat and recalling their day’s activity.

Yes, it was mundane, but it was very special. Plus, it was an assurance of family time of at least thirty minutes every day. So, we have to bring back family times. Yes, with both parents working, it is almost impossible to make hours cooking a meal at night.

 However, when you come home, all stressed; have you ever tried cooking? It is very therapeutic for you and your partner. So, why not schedule some time out to cook a simple meal for some family time? 

3. Weekend Hours

It is difficult to ask kids to give their entire weekend to you, so you can bring in a convenient negotiation. How about you ask them to give one to two hours in the afternoon for a few weekend family hours?

 There is so much you can do in these two hours. You can go out for some time in nature, plan a short outing, have that movie night you have discussed, discuss their current interest in television series or books, or even play games.

Anything which doesn’t require us to be on the phone for hours on end.

4. Help With Your Kid’s School Work

Your child will need some help with their school work, and by the time they have reached their teen phase, they wouldn’t be asking for help. There is no need to feel bad; it is just the age.

 Plus, it always helps to take some time out for either parent and know what they are doing academically. You can approach them and offer your much-experienced help, which will help them finish the assignment faster, and more efficiently.

 Plus, you will get that extra hour to spend with your kids. They won’t directly thank you, but they will be thankful.

5. Do Chores Together

This is probably the most difficult task to convince your family members, but with a little request, you might be able to force them for a week. Believe us, after a while they will be able to enjoy themselves as well.

 There is something peaceful about playing some light music, talking, and doing chores together. Many people fail to understand that it can take away their daily stress until they start doing it.

 So, why not start the tradition?

Find Time For A Family!

Enough of the excuses and bringing work home. Yes, we all want to be successful in our job, be with our friends, or score better academically. But, it is the memories with our families which we will actually cherish.

Bring back those memories! Bring back family time!

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