Top Resources to Learn Website Design & Development Tools

Top Resources to Learn Website Design & Development Tools

The Demand for website design and website development is on peek. Check out our top list of resources where you can sharpen your skills and get yourself placed at one of your dream jobs.

   1. How Design University

Online courses on graphic and interactive design, web design, intellectual property laws, and Adobe are available at How Design University for both free and a fee. Additionally, it offers opportunities for individuals who want to educate. For individuals who wish to refresh themselves and get better at online design, this website can also serve as a supplement or review course.

  1. Skillcrush 

Through a modular learning strategy, Skillcrush offers professional web design and development courses. No of their background, it strives to educate people who are interested in the field for a potential future work placement. They provide three-month Career Blueprints and brief, simple-to-consume lessons to assist students in becoming ready for their selected priority.

  1. Hack Design 

Another educational tool is Hack Design, which offers lesson plans for 50 units that are jam-packed with design-related tutorial videos and articles. With the assistance of several dozen designers from around the world, these classes and courses were created by collecting numerous quality resources that were all offered without charge. Additionally, Hack Design provides students with fantastic design tools and engaging information.

  1. HTML Dog

The most widely used languages for creating web pages are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These languages are the main focus of HTML Dog’s nine courses, which also include web development tutorial approaches, examples, and references. You may review and learn how to code with this one-stop website.

  1. E-Learning for Kids 

For elementary school students in grades 5 through 12, E-learning for Kids offers free courses. The subjects covered in these free courses include math, science, computers, the environment, health, language, and other subjects. For greater engagement, combine gaming with education. Elementary schools are able to take their courses for no cost.

  1. GCF Learn Free

Over 1,000 lessons and 125 tutorials are available at any moment on, including courses in computer software, fundamentals of computer and gadget technology, internet usage, career readiness, and soft skills. A joint initiative between Goodwill Industries and the Goodwill Community Foundation is

  1. Stack Exchange

StackExchange is one of several dozen Q+A sites that help people find answers related to multiple topics. Stack Overflow on the other hand is related to computer technology. This website houses a growing community who are willing to share the technical language. Their products and tools, Stack Overflow for Teams, Stack Overflow Advertising, Collectives™ on Stack Overflow, and Stack Overflow Talent help in empowering people to use technology at home.

  1. Howcast

The website Howcast offers solutions to life’s how-to questions. They write about a variety of basic topics, including parenting, cuisine, crafts, and entertainment. It is an excellent tool for education and self-help.

  1. Social Tube

K–12 students and their teachers can share videos on SchoolTube, a website with over 500,000 videos and registered users from over 50,000 schools. They provide information on a broad range of topics, including math, science, edtech, history, and music.

  1. EdTech

CreativeLive has an interesting approach to promoting creativity amongst learners. It offers workshops on creative and lifestyle topics such as photography, art, music, design, people skills, entrepreneurship, etc. There is also live access typically offered free and on-demand access requiring purchase. CreativeLive believes that no matter who and where you are, you are creative in your own way.

  1. Adafruit Learning System 

It’s great for kids to start using devices. We have access to instructional and entertaining projects for inspiration right here on this website. However, if the Maker movement has captured your attention and you’re interested in learning how to create Arduino-based electronic devices, check out the free tutorials at the Adafruit Learn website and purchase the required electronics kits and supplies from the main site. Learn the fundamentals of electronics to inspire your children to create soon.

  1.  Grovo

Grovo offers paid subscriptions along with free introductory video tutorials on best practices for hundreds of websites if you need to learn how to effectively use a range of Web applications for work. They also provide details on how content is distributed to people by artificial intelligence so they can improve their skills.

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