Upcoming Housing Projects 2022

Housing Projects

The New Metro City Gujar Khan and Sialkot Motorway City are two upcoming housing projects that have mega projects in 2022. Both of these societies are situated in prime locations in Punjab’s various regions.

As Pakistan’s first smart city, Capital Smart City is located in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, with the goal of providing prestigious and luxurious living standards to Pakistanis and foreign investors. That is how the motorway city of Sialkot and the New Metro City of Gujar Khan has the same vision.

An opportunity for international and local investors, as well as residents, to live in a safe and secure environment with high living standards.

Park view City Lahore, Capital Smart City, Nova City Islamabad, and Mumtaz City Islamabad are some of the other upcoming housing societies in 2022. These societies are among those that have been approved and have received their NOC.

They are all safe and risk-free investment opportunities. Makaan Solutions assists and provide guidance to investors from across Pakistan with their ventures.

New Metro City Gujar Khan

The New Metro City Gujar Khan is among the Upcoming Housing Projects 2022, which will be launched on July 12, 2022. The society has chosen an ideal location on Gujar Khan’s Main GT Road. The society’s owner, Bilal Bashir Malik, and developers BSM have a plan to provide an investment opportunity for overseas Pakistanis of Gujar Khan, as well as a luxurious living standard and lifestyle for residents.

Gujar Khan residents will be able to live in all of the available facilities in a safe and secure environment. The owners and developers of New Metro City Gujar have a track record of success in a variety of Pakistani projects.

The perfect completion of New Metro City Kharaian is one of the best examples of the owner and developers. Bilal Bashir Malik Nephew of the Malik Riaz is probably going to keep the amenities and facilities of the New Metro City Gujar Khan better than Bahria town and the previous successful project of Kharaian.

Sialkot Motorway City

Sialkot Motorway City is Pakistan’s 13th largest city, located in Punjab near the M-11 and Wazir Abad highways with direct access. The developer and owner bring a strategy to the society that no other society in Pakistan has. The NOC and TMA approval has already been obtained.

The society has not yet been officially launched, but it has received NOC and approval. This is due to the need to establish trust and attract investors’ attention. Investors now have the opportunity to invest in a safe, secure, and risk-free investment opportunity provided by Sialkot Motorway City.

Property Nama 5g Group is behind the Society. In the field of real estate, he is well-known and has a long list of successful projects. Society is among the best Upcoming Housing Projects 2022.

The intent of Sialkot Motorway City is to provide an ideal location for the people of Central Punjab to live in an ideal and environmentally friendly environment. The society’s commercial area, on the other hand, is being planned by the owner and developers to become a business hub for central Punjab.


In the year 2022, a number of housing projects will be launched. However, Sialkot Motorway City and New Metro City Gujar Khan rank first and second, respectively. Because the societies are located near motorway interchange in a different region of Punjab.

The societies also have a letter of approval from the authorized development authority and a No Objection Certificate NOC.

Of course, a benefit for investors who want to invest in societies that are safe and risk-free. If you want to invest in Sialkot Motorway City or New Metro City Gujar Khan which are among the top Upcoming Housing Projects 2022. Makaan Solutions will provide you with better guidance and support as you make your investment.