Walking the dog: all you need to know

Walking with dog

Dogs need exercise, they like to exercise and run continuously. Sometimes, to our chagrin! If walking your dog remains essential to its balance, what to do when you work during the day or when you go on vacation? In the park, in a field or elsewhere, all you need to do is find the right person and the right timing so that your four-legged friend can go for a walk in the light of day.

Types of dogs and their needs

All dogs do not have the same needs, so it is necessary to understand which type of dog needs what.

Companion dogs

It is important to know the category of your dog so that you can be in compliance with the law and have it kept by a third party. Generally, companion dogs are defined as domesticated or pleasure dogs. They are categorized in group 9 of the FCI nomenclature (classification of dog breeds).

For some people, the pet dog is considered a full member of the family and is entitled to the same preferential treatment as everyone else: 3 meals a day, a good bath from time to time and outings every day. ! Often kept at home, they spend less than guard or hunting dogs.

However, doing physical activity is essential to canine well-being. So, if you have a dog, don’t leave him idle all day, because it’s not good for him. Companion dogs can be small (like the Yorkshire), medium-sized (the terrier or the spitz for example) or large (the Shepherd family, the Collie or even the Labradors).

Guard or specialized dogs

The guard dog is classified between those of company and defense, since it can do both at the same time, once well educated, it is in particular the case of the German Shepherd, the Boxer or the Great Dane. Specialized dogs, as their name suggests, are animals that have undergone special training: guide, police, rescue and hunting dogs.

Hunting dogs (Terrier, Husky, Dalmatian, Spaniels etc.) can be excellent companion dogs but they require a garden to be able to spend their great energy. Be careful however, the attack dog cannot be domesticated and “Pit Bull” type dogs are governed by very strict legislation, as they are considered dangerous dogs.

Dog walking issues

Why walks your dog?

The dog is an explorer animal. To feel good about himself, he needs to discover a “New World”, different from that of your apartment! By taking him out of his usual world, he will have the chance to sniff new smells and meet other friends. Imagine him in the park frolicking happy and healthy.

This is what he expects from a walk with you. And it does not stop there! In addition to exercises, the ride is also synonymous with education. Eh yes! By leashing it by your side, your dog will easily learn obedience and respect.

How many times do you have to take it out?

Answer: it all depends on the physical condition and motivation of your protege. If he’s in a happy mood, he’s more energetic! Which means ready for a great ride and lots of play. At that point, you can take it out as many times as you can.

Otherwise, you have to push him to go out at least once a day, even if it’s just to relieve himself. A normal walk should last at least half an hour or even two hours minimum per day for hunting dogs. If this does not seem to meet the requirements of your companion, add a few tens of minutes, but no more!

Remember that your animal is a capricious being, so it is necessary to teach him about the notion of “enough!” “.

The necessary accessories for a risk-free walk

When you decide to walk your dog, make sure you have the necessary equipment to avoid all risks. All trainers, pro or amateur, will tell you that a collar, leash and harness are essential. These accessories are available in a pet store in different models. In order to provide a comfortable and safe walk for your pet, choose its accessories according to its size and weight. In public places, a leash is mandatory.

The laws that govern a dog walk

Although walking is a common activity, there are a few rules to follow when it comes to walking your or your neighbor’s dog. First, you are the first one responsible! In this case, you are required to assume all his acts and actions. For example: you must pick up his droppings after he has passed, ensure that he does not ransack other people’s property, prevent him from chasing passers-by, etc. Second, the law stipulates that a dog must always be kept on a leash during the walk, except if he must participate in a competition. In short, taking care of a dog at home is easier than outside. If you decide to do dog-sitting, take care to learn the different rules of the trade to the letter.

Keeping your dog at home and walking: how it works

Are you staying at the office for a long time and want to take a regular walker for your beloved doggie? Here’s how it works.

How does dog sit work?

You have a busy day and therefore cannot take care of your dear companion… Calling on a dog sitter is the best solution, as long as he is definitely an adult! Dog-sitting is becoming more and more widespread, it’s a bit like baby-sitting, but here we keep… a dog. The missions of a dog-sitter consist of providing care, walking, playing and cuddling in the absence of the master. Dog sitting can be done in different ways: either the visit is made at home, or the dog is welcomed by the dog-sitter.

Our advice for choosing the right dog-sitter

When you decide to keep your dog, do not choose just anyone! Think of a confident, dynamic and above all qualified person, such as a dog-sitter. The qualities required for this job are simple: love animals, hold a certificate of animal capacity and have subscribed to “animal civil liability”.

Do not hesitate to tell him your dog’s preferences or little habits, so he will be pampered like a rooster! Also make sure that his vaccinations are up to date and that he is identifiable (chip or tattoo) to avoid any risk during his walk.

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