What Are The Most Common Eye Surgeries?

Eye Surgeries

Our eyes’ health and function inevitably deteriorate as we age, we may also have a skin tag on the eyelids, and we’ll ultimately require treatment to keep our eyes at their best. Genetics and wellness activities influence the pace at which these processes happen. It’s essential to consider how our vision impacts our daily lives while deciding on treatment alternatives. In this article, you’ll discover the four most frequent procedures performed on the eyes by an Ophthalmologist in Calgary and your area.

The Following Are The Four Most Common Operations Done On The Eyes

Vision difficulties may be dealt with in a variety of ways. Cataracts and glaucoma may be treated surgically by an Ophthalmologist in Calgary or elsewhere. Other operations may enhance your eyesight such that you don’t need to wear glasses or contact lenses. This eye surgery list includes what to anticipate during an eye operation and why you may need it.

  • Surgery for Refractive Errors 

As a result of eye surgery, spectacles or corrective lenses are no longer necessary to see well. Because light enters the eye and doesn’t concentrate properly on the retina, farsighted and nearsighted individuals have refractive errors. Light is focussed within or in front of the retina (in nearsighted individuals) depending on proactivity. Images may get distorted as a consequence. Nearsightedness (often referred to as myopia) has skyrocketed in recent years. Refractive eye surgery techniques that are in high demand include:


  • Intracorneal Rings, also known as intracorneal rings (ICRs),
  • A procedure called conductive keratoplasty is performed 
  • Keratomileusis with Laser Assist 
  • “Epi-LASIK” or “Laser-Assisted Subepithelial Keratomileusis”
  • Keratoplasty using photorefractive technologies
  • Surgery to Treat Glaucoma

The eyeball’s pressure rises in glaucoma, resulting in progressive vision loss. It may progress to blindness if left untreated, although early diagnosis and treatment can help alleviate side effects such as nausea and visual loss. It is possible to reduce intracranial pressure by glaucoma surgery in two ways. 

  • Laser surgery

The doctor may treat trabecular meshwork with a concentrated light beam to increase fluid drainage. Incisional surgery may be used if laser surgery is unsuccessful, if the patient’s intraocular pressure (IOP) rises again, or if the optic nerve is severely injured.

  • Surgical incisions

Also referred to as filtering surgery, this procedure uses a small surgical instrument to create a drainage hole in the eye. The newly produced aperture makes it easier for hydrophilic fluid to exit the artificial canal and circumvent the congested drainage canals.

  • Eye Surgery for Cataracts

Cataracts occur when the lenses of the eyes get hazy. These may become bigger over time, resulting in overcast, cloudy, or even blindness. Most cataracts result from advancing age, but they may also be brought on by eye damage or genetic abnormalities linked to other health issues. Over the age of 40, cataract surgery is the most general refractive surgery operation. The lens may need to be removed and replaced if a patient has many cataracts. The doctors may do cataract surgery  in a variety of ways, including the following:


  • Removing a cataract extracapsularily 
  • Cataract extraction through intracapsular medication administration 
  • Cataract Surgery aided with lasers 
  • Emulsification or Phacoemulsification
  • Cryoanalgesia
  • Surgical Procedures for skin tags

Surgical procedures for skin tags are quite common because of aesthetic purposes. However, skin tag removal surgeries will be imperative if these skin tags are significant or block vision. Skin tags on the eyelid are commonly treated by electrosurgery, cryosurgery, or simple ligation.



As upsetting as it is to lose your vision as you age, this article offers simple and effective solutions. It isn’t a comprehensive list if you’re looking for specific procedures and treatments to help you improve your eyesight and would like to remove the skin tag on your eyelid. To talk about your particular issue, schedule an appointment with an Ophthalmologist in Calgary or wherever you live.

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