What are Travel Hacks to Balance Full-Time Work and Travelling?

travel while working

Many people who are working have a secret which of travelling the world. But if you are a 9-to-5 worker, where do you have the time?

People believe that full-time workers cannot travel. They do not have the bandwidth to spare time for travelling. But there are ways wherein you can go for travel with your full-time job. 

In this digital world, technology has made it possible to cater to every task possible. You may not travel extensively, but yes, you can travel. You can take the help of the existing technology to explore the world and your job. 

Making your travelling life easier

Many people travel solo in order to save their time. But you can travel along with your family as well and manage your work simultaneously. 

Sometimes, people are only planning their trips and not focusing on work. This is also a problem. You can plan your trips and cater to your work as well. If you are falling short of money, you can borrow cash loans for the unemployed

In Ireland, many people borrow these loans and plan their travel. But most of the people forget about repayment post their travelling. Once you have come back, make sure to repay your loans. 

This forms an essential aspect of your borrowing. If you do not repay the loans, it may particularly influence your credit score. Also, it will close all the doors for borrowing in the near future.

Travelling tips while working

  • Make a list of public holidays

If you are a full-time employee, you can list down the public holidays in advance. Once you have jotted down the holidays, you can make a travel plan around it. Sometimes we are not able to plan our holidays due to excessive work. 

But in case of public holidays, you can always make your travel plans. If the holidays are coming at the weekends, you have got a good opportunity. Use the long weekends and have a good time. 

Also, if you have planned your trip, apply for leave in your office before anyone else does. There are many people who would like to take advantage of these long holidays. You take the opportunity and plan your leaves in advance. 

Also, check with the Weather Conditions for the place you are planning to go to. There are several places, and you can plan according to the weather during those leaves.

  • Club weekends with annual leaves

Every organization offers you sick leaves and annual leaves. The most significant advantage you can take is clubbing your annual leave and weekends. If you are planning on annual leave, align with the coming weekend. 

This way you can get more days to enjoy and travel. For example, if your Saturday Sunday is off and you are planning to take annual leave, you can take leave either on Friday or make it as Friday, Saturday Sunday. 

Or you can apply for leave on Monday and make it a combination of Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Both ways, you will be on a beneficial side. Usually, many people take advantage of these weekends, and you should also go for it.

  • Be Flexible with your travel plan

If you are planning a trip, be flexible. Do not be rigid in your plan. If you are flexible, it will be easy for you to plan your trip. 

For example, if you have planned for a trip on specific dates and if there is office work, you have to be flexible and change your travel dates. If you are not keeping margin and not being flexible, it can be difficult for you to accommodate.

 Also, they can be too many losses at one time. If you have booked accommodation and everything, it can be difficult to cancel that out. 

Hence always be flexible and try to look out for dates that offer you the flexibility to travel any time. Do not pick up destinations that are time-bound.

  • opt for short trips

With your working hours, do not plan for longer trips. Instead, plan for shorter trips. If you plan for a long trip of 7 to 8 days, it can be difficult for you to take off from the office. 

But if you are planning a short leave such as a trip for 2 to 3 days, it will be easier for you to manage. Many organizations do not offer leaves for 7 to 8 days at one time. Also, if you plan shorter lives, they can be easy on your pocket.

 With these, you can plan for budget-friendly trips and also be spontaneous. Your every expense is saved if you plan for shorter trips.

 You can take shorter trips after equal intervals. You do not have to maintain on delaying for one long year to plan your trip.

  • Contact a travel company

While planning a trip, you can get in touch with any travelling company. Whatever the plan, you have to be okay with it. Do not have any kind of dependency on other people for your trips. You have the possibility to get in communication with the travel companies. 

Also, you have to adjust to the fact that people may not always be free to travel with you. Hence you can travel with random people. There are many travel companies that organize different travel groups.

 You can randomly contact them and go with these people. For example, many solo travellers always book with Travel groups and travel with random people.

 This way they make new friends. You can also be open to meeting random people and travelling with them.


Travelling from time to time is very important. It keeps you sane and happy. If you are continuously working, you may feel monotonous after some time. Hence, travel brings the desired change in your routine and ensures your happiness. 

There are many people who are adamant ton going for long trips. You can plan short trips at regular intervals. This will help you to travel frequently.

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