What is Moral Investing? What You Need To Know

Moral Investing

Investing has changed from just looking at a company’s profitability to looking into its morals, ethics, values, and principles. 

In this growing investing trend, ethics are the primary objective of an investor. This trend is called moral investing. 

So, what is moral investing?

Moral investing is socially responsible or ethical investing, among other names. It involves filtering investment opportunities based on your personal moral code. As an investor, your investment choice depends on your beliefs about what is good or bad for the larger society.

As a result, you build a portfolio with companies with little or no negative effects on society and the environment. So, how do you get started now that you know what moral investing is? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Choose Moral Investments

1. Define your Values

Your values are the core consideration before choosing a moral investment. First, determine what ethical measures or practices are important and worthy of support and what operations you will not support. However, it is important to be open-minded since not all ethical investments tick all ethical boxes.

2. Consider your Current Investments

If you already have previous investments, consider whether they are in alignment with your values. If their ethical characteristics do not align with your values, decide whether to change the funds or the investment management provider.

3. Research

Once you understand moral investing, you need to research potential companies. Moral investing requires you to thoroughly research viable opportunities to reap maximum returns on the investment. From your research, you can choose whether to use ready-made portfolios through platforms like Wealthify or buy the shares yourself.

Most people choose the former option since it’s less work. However, you need to be happy with the ethical choices the manager makes for you. For this reason, other investors decide to buy the shares themselves. So, it is vital to identify the companies that meet your ethical choices while delivering on your set financial objectives.

4. Plan Adequately

Effective planning keeps you disciplined and is a catalyst for choosing successful investments. With your ethical values in place, merge them with your financial goals, create a plan and follow it. Set realistic objectives, how you will use your returns on investment and your investment’s timescale, and identify your loss capacity.

Once you identify what you want and where to invest, it is time to implement your plan. At this point, you can seek consultation from financial advisers who can give you a holistic view of the investment and offer tailored advice for your unique values and circumstances.

5. Monitor your Moral Investments

After investing in ethical investment, it is important to monitor it regularly. Financial advisers recommend quarterly monitoring of investments for investors who selected the funds themselves and annual monitoring for investors who chose ready-made portfolios.


The starting point is understanding what is moral investing. You then have to define your values and look for companies with values that align with yours. Also, tailor your investment strategy to fit your values because values differ between people. Using someone else’s strategy may not work for you.

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