What Is the Standard Size of Aluminium Sliding Doors?

aluminium sliding doors

Aluminum sliding doors have gained much popularity thanks to their diverse features and benefits. One of the most significant benefits is the wide range of options when it comes to aluminum sliding door sizes. In addition to getting the doors in standard sizes, buyers can also customize the door sizes to match their specific needs. However, the choice of appropriate door size depends on various factors such as door type, wall thickness, and aperture size.

Let’s take a look at the standard sizes of different types of aluminum doors.

Standard Sizes of Various Aluminum Doors

Standard sizes generally refer to the most commonly accepted and used measurements of doors in the majority of houses. Another important thing to remember while deciding the size of doors is that their width is always measured first, followed by their length or height. This is because the length or height of the doors generally remains constant, while the width tends to change as per the door type. In general, when talking about aluminum sliding door sizes, the standard height is 80 inches.    

Standard Dimensions Of 2 Panel Sliding Doors

The two-panel sliding doors are made of one fixed and one moveable or sliding panel. Like most sliding aluminum doors, the two-panel doors have a fixed width and a variable height. The standard width options for these doors are 60 inches or 5 feet, 72 inches or 6 feet, and 96 inches or 8 feet. TOSTEM India, which is a leading provider, offers some of the most high-quality two-panel aluminum sliding doors in all the above-mentioned standard sizes.  

Standard Dimensions Of 3 Panel Sliding Doors

The three-panel sliding doors are made of one fixed and two moveable or sliding panels. They can also have two fixed and one sliding panel, although this combination is quite uncommon. The three-panel aluminum sliding door sizes are larger than the two-panel ones, which makes them an excellent choice for large openings. The standard width options for these doors are 108 inches or 9 feet and 144 inches or 12 feet. Buyers can choose from a wide range of premium quality three-panel sliding doors in the above sizes offered by TOSTEM India.

Standard Dimensions Of 4 Panel Sliding Doors

The four-panel sliding doors are primarily used in large residences or mansions and have a massive structure as compared to 2 and 3-panel doors. These aluminum sliding door sizes are suitable for providing wall-to-wall glass coverage and add a high-end feel to any space. The doors feature two fixed panels placed on the sides and two sliding panels that are usually placed in the middle. They offer a great way to enjoy an unhindered view of the scenic outdoors besides creating a greater sense of space. The standard width option of four-panel doors is 144 inches or 12 feet and 192 inches or 16 feet. TOSTEM India offers the most stylish and aesthetically appealing 4-panel sliding aluminum doors as part of their range of high-end housing products.

Final Thoughts

The wide variety and style options of sliding doors tend to overwhelm the buyers. But we hope that the above-discussed details about aluminum sliding door sizes can help buyers to make the best choice.

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