Why Eye Patches Should Be Part Of Your Skincare Routine

Eye patches aren’t just for pirates anymore. In fact, many people have realized that they are a great way to keep the skin around your eyes looking youthful. Of course, these patches are not like the ones worn by people with missing or damaged eyes. These are small adhesive patches that go under or around the eye. These patches use pressure and natural astringents that serve to make the skin contract, pulling out wrinkles, bags, and puffiness. Let’s talk about these eye patches and discuss why you might want to use them.

Are Eye Patches Expensive?

A lot of people are on a tight budget these days, and so some of you might be wondering if you can afford to add another product to your daily routine. Thankfully, eye patch skincare is not very expensive. Some of it will depend on what brand you select, but these disposable patches won’t break the bank.

As you can see by following the link above, you can get a couple of eye patches for about $3.00. There are more expensive options for those who want a little something more, but the basic product is pretty inexpensive. A container of 15 will run you about $35.00. There are also reusable eye patches that can be utilized multiple times. You will still need to purchase a cream or ointment to go with them, but the reusable patches can give you an excellent way to save money.

How Often Should Eye Patches Be Used?

There isn’t one correct answer to this question because it varies based on the needs of the individual. For instance, if you are a person that normally wakes up with swollen, puffy eyes, you might need to use them every day. If you only have these problems occasionally, you certainly don’t need to use these eye patches on a daily basis. And so, the best answer we can give you here is that you should use them as needed.

The Question Of Convenience

You might already be using some kind of facial cream or mask for this purpose. While these remedies might be effective, they are very inconvenient. Walking around with a face that looks like that of a circus clown isn’t really a good thing to do in public, and it takes quite some time to apply and remove those messy facial masks. Because of this fact, convenience is one of the main reasons to employ eye patches. They do the same thing, but the remedy is offered in a much more convenient form.

They’re Great For People Who Travel

The condition of having red, puffy eyes is sometimes called “baggage claim eye.” This is, of course, a reference to airports. Those who frequently have to travel for their jobs are more likely to take “red-eye” flights, and this can have negative effects on the health of your facial skin over time. However, if your job involves a lot of travel, you might not feel that you have a choice. Eye patches give you a way to deal with that issue without any danger of it affecting your career.

Decorative Possibilities

Unlike most facial creams and products, eye patches can be worn in public without any embarrassment. Yes, you will have two big and visible adhesive patches on your face, but their shape and color can provide interesting fashion opportunities. There are even some eye patches that are made with glitter, pleasing colors, or other visual effects. Thus, if you need to put on your eye patches at the airport or on the city bus, there should be no embarrassment at all.

Anti-Aging Ingredients

One of the main reasons to use eye patches is the desire to prevent skin wrinkling. As we get older, skin wrinkling just naturally happens. However, there are ways to reduce or even eliminate this problem in regard to the skin under the eyes. Most eye patches contain anti-aging ingredients, as well as powerful moisturizers that rejuvenate and revive the skin underneath.


As anyone can see, there are several good reasons to utilize under-eye patches like these. They offer the same benefits as a facial mask (more, in some cases) in a product that is much more convenient and aesthetically pleasing. If you have learned something from this article, then we have done our jobs, and we hope that you will be able to reap the healthful benefits.


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