10 ways the new Mercedes-Benz EQS sets the benchmark for technology in luxury EVs

We finally had the opportunity to get behind the steering wheel with rim, leather trimmed, heated, and buttoned with the Mercedes-Benz EQS, the company’s EV flagship.
Launched late last year, EQS is the most consistent response to the traditional automotive industry in the paradigm shift challenge presented by new products. A great package that combines the best of over a hundred design and engineering skills with Mercedes-Benz with amazing advanced technology. Here are ten reasons why EQS set up a new benchmark.
While an option for the most ‘basic’ model, the EQS 580 4MATIC comes with Hyperscreen as usual. Perhaps the most logical end of the digital dashboard – at least for now – this black glass sweep extends 141cm across the fascia.

The glass is subtly bent, baked to 650 ° C, and embedded inside three OLED screens using the MBUX operating system. There is a 12.3 ”driver display, a large 17.7” large display and a separate 12.3 ”passenger screen, which can provide maps and media apart from the two. Internal sensors can detect when a driver is trying to sneak into a passenger screen – if he does, it will be blurred automatically.
As if the screen light were insufficient, the entire cabinet was decorated with LED lights, creating another layer of visual interest and depth, enhancing the atmosphere, and reacting in real time to external and internal events.
Get out of your way and remove the red screen at the top, aligned with the meridian you just crossed, while the light ribbon around the cabinet also flashes a stern warning. Increase the internal temperature and the footwells will glow red for a short time to intensify your action.]
Outside, the EQS digital lights use three LEDs on each lamp, each containing 1.3 million tiny mirrors for diffused and illuminating, shining brightness near incoming traffic and oncoming vehicles to illuminate. The sharp rear lights appear to be curved into a three-dimensional helix, with very little detail to be ignored.
As its name suggests, the EQS 580 4MATIC has two sets of electric motors to drive both axles, with a fixed wind that can switch between fall comfort and sharp sport (ish) modes. The EQS is the lightest production vehicle ever made, and it pulls in efficiency of 0.20.
The maximum power output in the standard model is 385 kW, with the largest battery with 120kWh capacity. By comparison, the Tesla Model S Performance is about 100kWh and has a power of up to 580 kW. The same EQS, Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC + more efficient, has 560 kW.

As any EV pilot knows, all of this power is limited if you cannot make it far enough. Mercedes says the EQS will travel a distance of 453 miles, but you can expect it to go down if you use any ‘Sport’.
Smart Recovery gives you a successful single-pedal drive, working with car sensory systems to convert slow traffic to kinetic energy. However, the buffer of a few hundred miles closes any notion of various worries. The battery has a warranty of 10 years or 250,000km and if you are lucky enough to live near one of the sixteen IONITY stations in the UK, you can use the largest charging unit to run a distance of more than 180 miles in just 15 minutes.
EQS empowered Mercedes’ large grille, converting it into a mysterious’ Black Panel ‘equipped with sensory technology. The technological power of Mercedes ’DRIVE PILOT now surpasses the available legal framework, and ultrasound, camera, radar and LiDAR work together to ensure that the car knows more about what’s happening near you than you do.
On a smooth road surface, the DRIVE PILOT is the closest you will find (yet) to fully automatic driving: as long as you provide the tire with normal, guaranteed pressure, the EQS can travel at night following a solid route and operating near-silent.

Parking cars are not new at all, but the 360 ​​° rotation system you choose should also be considered. Like the BMW and the Rolls-Royce, it features a 3D car model, with a flexible live interface sewn from four mirrored cameras.
The EQS is a great car, so you already feel comfortable in the outside world when the big doors are clicked shut. With comfy, comfy, warm and cozy chairs, and the optional function of 10 hot stone massage systems, you would not be completely forgiven for starting to feel a little drowsy.
Happily, engineers have figured out a way to counteract this negative effect on the ATTENTION ASSIST system. In short, your EQS is keeping an eye on you, monitoring your eyelid movements to make sure your blink doesn’t turn into a dangerous little sleep. If you even think about memorizing it, the car will let you know, and suggest that it is time for coffee and sitting down.
It is impossible to build a 2,480kg luxury car without using the right amount of equipment. In fact, only 80kg of that weight comes from recycled materials. That being said, Mercedes’ commitment to the environment is far-reaching and ongoing.
The EQS battery pack is 10% cobalt, something that is strongly opposed to fair trade (although Tesla batteries, we should point out, contain about 5% cobalt, with the desire to completely remove cobalt in the future), and all suppliers they were given a thorough examination. EQS batteries should also get a second life as part of the larger energy storage systems run by Mercedes-Benz Energy.
The cabinet is well reinforced against the outside, with HEPA filters for dust and dirt. Mercedes also did extensive research

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