Technology trends for 2022 as Covid-19 pandemic forces businesses to embrace change

Johannesburg – Technology experts agree that there is a global shortage of online security experts.

Johannesburg – Pressure from the global Covid-19 epidemic has forced businesses to embrace radical change. Currently, digital transformation has a major impact on organizations and it is predicted that the digital transformation market will grow at an Integrated Growth Period of 19.1%.

LAWtrust Business Analyst, Riaan de Villiers, said the growing trend of digital technology innovation could mean an increase in cybersecurity concerns. He cautioned that businesses should familiarize themselves with these emerging technologies as they take safety precautions.

“Data is the backbone of digital revolution. As organizations control larger and larger data sets, the chances of security breaches and losses increase. However, it is expected that the adoption of digital transformation will continue as the benefits outweigh the risks associated with digital transformation, ”said De Villiers.

A survey conducted by Finances Online Reviews for Business Research Center, shows that 27% of companies surveyed feel that implementing digital transformation programs is a matter of survival in their industries. But it is not just companies that are at risk, and thousands of private citizens who fall victim to cybercrime almost daily.

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According to the cast of PricewaterhouseCoopers, South Africa is the third largest country in the world. Cybercrime costs the country R2.2 billion annually. De Villiers urged people to use strong passwords in each system you have to log in to and not to use passwords on other systems.

“The danger is that if one system is disrupted, other systems will be compromised. Also, make sure that all your software is up-to-date. This helps to protect you from known vulnerabilities. Be suspicious of emails asking you to click on links or download attachments. Criminal emails for identity theft are one of the biggest threats to the internet, ”he said.

Technology experts agree that worldwide there is a shortage of online security professionals and that many IT and online security teams have fewer employees and are struggling to cope with their work, especially during the epidemic when many employees start working from home.

“AI (Artificial Intelligence) is capable of managing many tasks that keep teams busy and freeing the team from other important issues. Machines can operate faster and more accurately than humans, but they can only do what they are designed to do. You will always need people to keep an eye on equipment and make decisions if there is something different computers cannot handle, ”he said.

On the idea that machines would ever replace human beings, De Villiers said: “When they installed the first mobile stairs in London underground in 1911, people were too afraid to use them. They had to hire someone to walk the stairs all day so that people could start using it. We must embrace our new digital economy; has the potential to create new opportunities and accelerate emerging economic growth.

Here are four technical trends that emerging businesses should look at in 2022

Cyber ​​security

Cybercrime is rampant. As a result, many firms are at risk; therefore, businesses must deal with cybercrime and make significant investments in protecting their networks and data. With this technology of dominance, companies can protect themselves from serious financial and reputation damage today and in the future.

Digital Signing

Digital signatures help companies work more efficiently while reducing operating costs. Experts predict that in this remote operating era, digital signatures will likely be used for further workflows by 2022. Artificial intelligence becomes an integral part of the operations of many organizations, increasing the need for technology. However, many organizations will benefit from its adoption because it reduces operating costs and improves efficiency. In addition, AI’s predictive capabilities will make it a useful helper in the fight against cybercrime next year.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is another evolving process that businesses should look at. As more and more companies become accustomed to working remotely, having an internet connection grows significantly. It can improve customer service. As the number of devices connected to corporate networks grows, the need for careful ownership management will increase.

Trust and ownership

Cyber ​​security is an important issue, and senior management is very sensitive to the fact that cybercrime is on the rise. Risk reduction should be a priority for board members. To protect organizations, new patent management methods such as the zero-trust model and the first patent will likely receive much attention by 2022.

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