6 Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

6 Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are often neglected during regular cleaning. Tiny droplets of cooking grease, food splatters and steam will settle on these cabinets and this leads to dull and dirty kitchen cabinets. Tougher stains can build over time if not cleaned regularly. In this article, we will share some tips with you that will make kitchen cabinet cleaning easy.

Set a Cleaning Schedule

Regular cleaning will keep the cabinets dust-free. A cleaning schedule will help you clean the cabinets regularly. The dirt formed inside and outside the kitchen cabinets often skips our attention. Cleaning the inside every 3 months and outside every fortnight will be the best way to keep the cabinet clean. Remove all the items from the cabinet before you start cleaning the kitchen cabinet.

Use Proper Tools

It is important to use the appropriate tools for cleaning kitchen cabinets. Otherwise, the cabinets may get damaged, don’t use abrasive cleaners and scrubs. Use soft brushes and microfibre cloths to clean the kitchen cabinets. Use the right kind of cleaning product that is apt for the material used for your kitchen cabinet. After cleaning, never airdry the cabinets, always wipe the damp surface with dry clothes. To get a clear idea about the proper kitchen cleaning tools you can talk to a professional cleaning service.

Start From the Top

Starting from the top will help you clean the cabinets systematically. This way the dust that fell while cleaning the top portion will be on the bottom, which you can easily wipe off. You can also vacuum the kitchen cabinets in this manner. It is always better to wipe the surface with a clean microfiber cloth to collect all the dust accumulated in the cabinet. Carefully remove the cobwebs, the spiders present can be deadly. 

Clean the Handles

Handles of the kitchen cabinets are often neglected while cleaning and this leads to the handles becoming greasy and difficult to use. Germs and other pathogens also will be present that can lead to a lot of diseases, it can also lead to food items getting contaminated. Therefore, make sure you clean the handles of the cabinets and then disinfect them using mild disinfectants.

Extra Care for the Corners

Corners are hard to reach with normal cleaning tools. You will have to use smaller brushes to properly clean the corners and edges of the cabinet doors. They require extra attention, these are areas where the chances of dust accumulation are high. An old toothbrush or artist’s brush can be used to clean the dirt, dust and grease accumulated in such areas. Dip the toothbrush in the cleaning solution and clean the hard-to-reach spots. 

Protect Yourself

Cleaning the dark and dingy kitchen cabinets can sometimes be dangerous due to the high risk of pests like spiders and cockroaches. You need to be extra careful and take enough precautionary measures. Wearing gloves and goggles is the most necessary and easiest method you can use to protect yourself. If you have observed any mould or mildew inside the cabinets, then mask up before you delve into cleaning. Use cleaners which are organic and contain less toxic materials.

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