Are Digital Project Managers in Demand?

Are Digital Project Managers in Demand?

The world is going through a digital transformation at a rapid pace. At individual and professional levels, we have gone digital for numerous tasks. A decade ago, it was so tedious to do routine tasks such as paying electricity bills, booking travel tickets, booking LPG refills, or purchasing groceries.

Now, these tasks are done with a matter of a few clicks. Earlier, at a professional level, we had whiteboards and markers, pen and paper, sticky notes, and professionals sitting in cubicles juggling with different files to find the right one. The scenario has changed completely. Now, professionals have their laptops and nothing else. Everything is there on the laptop.

A smartphone in your pocket and Internet connectivity are all you need to accomplish almost all your tasks. So, you can build, access, and manage digital projects anywhere, anytime. Almost all organizations have gone through digital transformation, and others are on their way to digital transformation. So is done by project managers. They have also moved online to keep pace with the competitive market and deliver their products faster than ever.

Digital Project Managers are in demand everywhere, among other project manager roles. A report by AEG (Anderson Economic Group), the demand for digital project managers is projected to increase by a whopping 33% by the year 2027.

The median annual salary of a project manager at an entry level is around USD 50,000 and may go as high as USD 83000 or even more.

This is why professionals are looking to make career advancements and become digital project managers to earn lucrative salaries. A Digital project manager course can help you advance your career in this domain. With the help of collaboration software, online project management, and cloud file storage systems, digital project managers find it easy to deliver projects efficiently and provide better results.

Let us have an overview of the digital project management job role.

What is Digital Project Management?

Digital Project Management is simply a method of delivering projects efficiently and quickly. It is a streamlined process of maintaining projects online from conceptualization to successful closure. The different phases of project management include planning, consigning, tracking, evaluating, and measuring results with the help of robust project management software. While every project has a different goal, the main aim of executing processes of project management is to improve the business and attain significant ROIs (Return Over Investments).

Digital projects may include mobile applications, websites, games, videos, project management in marketing, social media, eCommerce, events, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), advertising, and more.

Digital Project Manager: Job Role

The main role of a digital project manager is to make sure that the project and the deliverables are completed within the time and budget constraints. Also, as a project manager, you are required to make sure that the project is aligned with business requirements and objectives.

You are accountable for managing day-to-day activities and the smooth operation of different digital projects that may include online tools, website launches, advertisement campaigns, and web applications.

So, you are expected to be a tech-savvy professional who possesses sound knowledge of trending technologies and the way they can be used in completing projects. You should possess excellent time management skills and are expected to be methodical. You should be capable of managing and delivering the product’s lifecycle within time, quality, and budget constraints. Also, you are required to make sure that the project objectives are properly aligned with business goals.

Apart from the common responsibilities listed above, you have to ensure that all the chunks of the project are moving along smoothly and on the right track. Some of these parts include:

  • To build and interpret the plan, schedule, and budget of the project to team members and concerned management staff and stakeholders
  • To assign tasks to respective personnel along with deadlines
  • To interact with internal teams and get the project design, development, and implementation done
  • To define project requirements and align them with business objectives
  • Maintain and report on metrics provided by Google Analytics
  • To identify potential risks or malfunctions and be proactive in resolving the issues
  • To schedule regular check-ins
  • To deal with hurdles and remove them
  • To deal with challenges when required
  • To provide project status reports to the PMO Director or the executives
  • To manage the scope of the project
  • To perform Quality Assurance of all project deliverables
  • To assess and evaluate the success of the project
  • To hand out client quotes and proposals

To accomplish the tasks in this domain, you have to stay updated with the current trends in technology.

Digital Project Manager: Skills Required

The skills and experience required to become a digital project manager vary from company to company. There are still some skills that are common to almost every job template. These include:

  • Time Management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Resource management
  • Project Communication management
  • Planning, organizing, and delegating
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong organization skills
  • Goal-oriented and result-oriented
  • Capable of managing cross-functional teams
  • Able to coordinate and assist with reviews and meetings
  • Simplifying complex workflows
  • Work experience in digital project management
  • Sound Knowledge of UE software
  • Good knowledge of Google Analytics and SEO strategies
  • Workable experience in AtTask, MS Project, and other popular project management software
  • Proficiency in content management systems and front-end languages such as HTML and CSS
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Digital Marketing, or any relevant field

Are Digital Project Managers in Demand?

Of course!! Undoubtedly!!

As stated earlier in this article, project management has now transformed into digital project management, with technological advancements taking place at an alarming rate. So, project management no longer includes the use of files, folders, markers, and papers. It is all done with some popular project management software such as Wrike,, etc.

The Project Manager Institute projects the demand for project manager job roles to increase rapidly, with the need for 22 million new job openings for these roles by the year 2027.

All you need to become a digital project manager and advance your career in this domain is to acquire a graduate diploma in project management from a reputed edtech institute such as Victoria University.

Enroll Yourself Now!!

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