7 Technology Tools that Enhance Teachers’ and Students’ Performance

Enhance Teachers’ and Students’ Performance

The advent of the contemporary school management system has revolutionized the educational sector. Using it, many schools, colleges, universities, and institutes have automated manual, routine, and tedious tasks. Apart from saving a lot of time and effort for their faculty and staff members, the sophisticated system has increased their productivity and efficiency.

Though the school management system has been around for a while, the global pandemic and the use of technology in educational institutions have increased its popularity. In the future, every institute must adopt the technology to stay relevant in the digital age.

At My Edu, our advanced and sophisticated school management system has transformed many educational institutions. In this blog post, we list the seven technology tools that can enhance teachers’ productivity and efficacy as well as increase students’ academic performance and learning outcomes. Read on to know more.

  1. Syllabus management system

First and foremost, every educational institution needs to have a syllabus for each class. Without it, there can be no teaching. But the manual creation and management of the syllabus takes a lot of time and effort of administrative staff and educators. The task, however, becomes easy and efficient with the use of a syllabus management system. The tool enables administrators and teachers to manage their course information by leveraging technology. It makes the process extremely efficient and easy. It helps educators to create the syllabus as well as the course structures.

  1. Schedule management system

Let’s take the example of a school that has students from grade one to 10, or a university that offers graduation and post-graduation programs across a wide range of subjects. In such educational institutions, managing schedules is not an easy task. Administrators spend a lot of time and effort manually creating and managing a schedule for every class. Automated schedule management, however, makes it easy. Using it, schools, colleges, and universities can easily create and manage schedules for every class as well as help students in adhering to the timetable.

  1. Attendance management system

One of the toughest challenges educational institutions faced a few years back was managing students’ attendance. The manual attendance and roll calls were a tedious, time-consuming, and unproductive process. Furthermore, it was inefficient in detecting proxies among college and university students. But the advent of the school management system changed that. Using a sophisticated attendance management system, educational institutions can track and monitor students’ attendance in real-time.

  1. Online class management system

With more and more educational institutions considering hybrid classrooms, educators will need to conduct online classes on certain days of the week, or whenever required. Despite its many benefits, the virtual model of teaching has a major drawback that is teachers can’t see the activities of their students. In such cases, online class management software can help teachers to monitor each student’s class activity. 

  1. Assignment management system

Assignments require students to devote quality time towards self-study and help them learn their subjects thoroughly. But managing homework and assignments isn’t easy for teachers. While assigning tasks is easy, checking and evaluating each student’s homework takes a lot of time and effort. But a reliable assignment management system makes the process extremely simple. Using it, educators not only assign the tasks but have the means to mechanism to manage them efficiently. Students get their assignments through the system and they upload their tasks. After that, it becomes easy for teachers to evaluate the assignments.

  1. Exam management system

Another best way to monitor students’ performance is by adopting an examination management system. The traditional way of conducting exams has become irrelevant and inefficient. In the last two years, online exams replaced the pen-and-paper one. The former is not only safe for students but also saves lots of paper and takes educational institutions close to their paperless goals. However, cheating and malpractice were a big concern. Using an examination management system, educational institutions can conduct exams efficiently and transparently. The online proctoring system will monitor students’ online activities and will keep an eye on them through webcams.

  1. Online evaluation system

The online evaluation system is an extension of the online examination system. The latter eliminates the use of paper and enables students to appear for their exams using computer systems and online proctoring. With the former, evaluators can assess and grade answer papers by using technology tools. The system not only compliments the exam system and eliminates the use of paper, but also is extremely safe compared to the traditional evaluation method for many reasons. As the digital answer sheets are stored in the cloud, there is no chance of misplacement. The possibility of manipulation and errors in grades is also minimal. It provides the evaluators with the freedom to check the exam papers at their own pace and space.

 Taking everything into account,

As one of the best inventions for the educational sector in recent times, the school management system has transformed many educational institutions. Its adoption is crucial to preparing the education sector for the future. If you are looking for a sophisticated school management system, we at My Edu can customize the right one for your educational institution. Contact us today to know the solutions our team of tech experts can provide you with.

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