What is SD-WAN? & Why is it important for your Business?


SD-WAN stands for “software-defined wide area network.” Although it’s good to understand what this acronym is saying, you should first understand the definition of a WAN (or wide area network). A traditional WAN may be used with hardware devices that typically rely on multilayer switching. It’s essentially going to allow network traffic to flow between several local networks or virtual private networks (VPNs) and also acts as a hub or data center between each one.

SD-WAN is simply a software-defined software that offers an intelligent way to manage a WAN. It can connect numerous office locations to one central location because it does not depend on hardware. It uses software-defined networking to find the most effective way to route traffic including remote points, even if they are located across the world. Since SD-WAN is completely virtual, enterprises that deploy it can utilize different transport services including MPLS, LTE, fiber networks, satellite, and broadband internet.

Why your business needs SD-WAN?

MPLS networks are no longer the preferred way for businesses to communicate. Yes, they were once great in the past – when there was a need for dedicated and specifically controlled paths for business communications and data traffic on which to rely, but times have changed. The efficiency that MPLS delivers just can’t keep up with outdated and inefficient business practices anymore. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and complicated to install, still not as effective 

You can’t do it all. We understand that business has changed drastically in recent years and businesses now operate from multiple locations and devices, meaning it’s essential they find an IT support partner who can cater to every eventuality as their business grows.

SD-WAN is a breakthrough technology that radically changes how businesses can connect to the Internet, and with each other. Rather than being limited to dedicated cables, an SD-WAN may be able to leverage existing connections between companies and other networks, minimizing costs and providing greater resiliency against network outages.

Why is it important?

Whenever using a specific technology, it’s always important to know and understand its benefits as well as limitations. With that in mind, we’ve narrowed down the top 10 benefits of an SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN). Our list below is split up into four categories: growth, delivery, cost reduction, and stability.

SD-WAN application awareness ensures unique enactment for your cloud applications

The essential benefit of SD-WAN for small businesses is its potential to lead the way when it comes to how and where data can travel. This technology gives priority to specific traffic channels while intelligently routing unselected traffic through more than one connection to exact different locations.

Quality of service for your mission:

SD-WAN has been a really useful solution for many fast-growing companies – especially those that are familiar with networking but not “Super Users” and want to get a different kind of routing device. The SD-WAN has simplified everything related to traffic planning, bandwidth profiling and so much more. One benefit of the SD-WAN is that it’s way easier for companies to just get their app up and running on the basic level than before because most of the setting holes have been covered by WAN provider professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. Moreover, if something goes wrong at one end, the other end will pick up regardless of latency. It sounds like such a simple solution, but it’s amazing how many problems this one application can solve.

Network deployment and modifications are easy:

SD-WAN allows you to centrally manage your network through a single pane of glass, and mass configures any number of devices in any number of locations with just one click.


If your company is a small business, you can put technology to work for you in the form of software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN). Not only does SD-WAN provide lower costs thanks to generally requiring less gear and powered devices, but it also helps you save money by speeding up your IT processes. Around 95% of respondents in a recent survey say they’re planning on using SD-WAN within the next 24 months! It’s no wonder business leaders and IT managers have been prioritizing this technology as much as they have.


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