Advantages Of Buying Laptop On Debit Card EMI

Advantages Of Buying Laptop On Debit Card EMI

We all want the best and latest products, be it debit cards EMI mobile, televisions, or laptops. However, it’s often not possible to always upgrade to the latest products as they are expensive, and one might not necessarily have the extra funds to buy the latest products. 

But, recent innovations in the consumer market space have made it easier for people to shop for the latest products without requiring them to dig into their accounts or overshoot their budget. 

One of them is the option to buy laptops on debit card EMI or EMI mobile, so even if someone doesn’t have a credit card, they can still buy a laptop as long as their bank has the facility.

In this article, we will look at a few advantages of buying a laptop with a debit card EMI option!

Ease and Convenience

First and foremost is the ease and convenience that it offers. Since a person already has an account with the bank; therefore, there is no need for any paperwork to avail of the option. All one needs to do is checkout and select the laptop on the debit card EMI option on that page, and it’s done. You now own a brand-new laptop.

No Interest Charges

When you use your debit card to buy a laptop or choose the option to buy a , mostly you don’t need to pay any interest charges. That means that you are effectively paying the actual price of the mobile and nothing above that. This saves a person a significant amount of money in interest charges typically levied by banks and other financial institutions.

Zero Down payment 

When buying a laptop on debit card EMI, you may also opt for the option of zero down payment schemes. It allows one to save money that would otherwise be spent on paying any upfront charges even if it is only a fraction of the actual cost of the product.

Longer Repayment Tenure

You may also get extended repayment tenure depending on your relationship with your bank. Typically, the longer you have been a patron of the bank, the better the deal you can expect when it comes to the repayment period.

Reduces Impulse Buying

Since it’s effectively your money that you are spending when buying a laptop using your debit card, it prevents a person from falling into the trap of impulse buying products. Therefore, it makes the consumer more disciplined when opting for a product as the money would get deducted from their account at a set date every month till the loan is settled.

Makes a Person Financially Disciplined

Unlike a credit card, which gives a person the illusion of having disposable money, whenever a person uses their debit card, it’s essentially the money that they are spending, which makes them wary of overshooting their budget. This makes a person more disciplined financially as they need to keep a track of the money that they have in their account, and also the money that would flow out of their accounts whenever the bank debits the EMI.

If you are thinking of getting a laptop anytime soon, it’s best to opt for a laptops on debit card EMI option if you want to save money, become more financially disciplined, and benefit from additional perks and offers that the bank may have custom-designed for their account holders. This way, a person can not only shop for the products they love and want but also save a significant amount of money doing so!

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