Is Derma pen good For Skin?

Derma pen

The cosmetic industry is trying to overcome the niggling skin concerns around the world. Latest facial treatments are introduced every other day to renovate your skin complexion and fix the aging issues. One of these conducts is specifically known as Dermapen skin treatment.

The general skin concerns people usually have are blackheads, uneven skin tone, pores above and around the nose, dullness, scars, black spots around the chin and jaw, acne, wrinkles, and fine lines around the eyes. Due to these concerns, they are usually concerned about their appearance, and their filter and make-up-free photos are also unflattering. You can check Dermapen price in Karachi online.

What is Dermapen treatment?

Well, you can say that it is a kind of pen with minute needles. According to experts, these needles create a controlled disturbance to your skin. With the help of Dermapen, a little disturbance is generated in your skin. This disturbance will generate healthy elastin and collagen tissues in the skin.

Dermapen creates micro-punctures in your skin. To heal those punctures, your skin will stimulate collagen and initiates a healing process. The result will be elastin production causing a rejuvenate, firm, and plumped skin.

The whole process usually takes about 20 minutes. First, the expert will thoroughly clean your skin with cleansing gel. Then apply the hyaluronic gel. After that, your skin is prepared for needling.

Post-treatment sensitivity

After the treatment is over, you might experience some tiny pricks on your skin that will appear pretty red. You will experience discomfort, as your therapist moves Dermapen more than one time on particular areas.

Your skin will be a bit pricky and warm right after the treatment and you will also feel dry and tight skin. All this sensation is pretty normal and nothing to worry about.

Post-treatment precautions

  1. Keep your skin dry and do not apply any products for at least the next six hours.
  2. Avoid usage of vitamin A, glycolic, and salicylic acid as these are stimulating agents.
  3. Hydrate your skin with Hyaluronic acid serum.
  4. Avoid gym or hard workouts for the next 48 hours as they will cause sweating and a bit of burning sensation.
  5. Apply a 48-hours rule for your skin to reduce inflammation and let it heal.
  6. Apply sunscreen when going out. Do not apply any makeup immediately after your treatment.

Results of Dermapen needling

  1. Your skin will become smooth and have an even texture.
  2. It will appear brighter and if you have acne marks, they are now less visible.
  3. Talking about those enlarged pores that suck up your makeup becomes pretty smaller and your makeup won’t settle into them.
  4. Fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks will become less visible after your first session. You will see more accomplishment once your whole treatment is over.
  5. Your makeup will now require minimum coverage and will last longer than before.


Treatment recommendations

You will need at least six to nine treatments after every 4 weeks. To maintain the results of Dermapen needling, you will need at least two treatments every year.

Is it good or bad?

Speaking about the results of Dermapen needling treatment will be left you surprised after a single session. Your skin will appear to brighten, and plump and will have a smooth and even texture. It is a relaxing facial experience that will end up giving you a long-term result.

Dermapen is usually a safe treatment with minor discomforts. Though it is not suggested for pregnant ladies and people with bleeding problems.

You should go for a professional person for this treatment otherwise results would be horrific. You don’t feel any pain-like sensation and needles are pierced in rapid motion. But you can experience a little discomfort and mild swelling after the treatment. Other helping treatment for the skin is waxing.

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