Advice on How to Compose an Essay Using Few Words


How Do You Go About Writing a Brief Essay?

When writing a short essay, one of the most difficult challenges you will face is trying to fit all of your ideas and arguments into the space that is available to you. Word counts for short essays typically range anywhere from 200 to 500, but this can vary depending on the topic and the requirements of the instructor. Consequently, the first thing you should do is select an intriguing topic, and then you should look for credible sources to back up your claims. If you are looking for custom writing service, we can help you out.

You were responsible for developing an outline for your essay at the previous step. Create something that resembles an outline for an essay by arranging the concepts in a logical sequence and giving them a structure. Examiners would like not to have to go through a long summary simply to obtain a basic understanding of what it is that you are discussing. An outline is required since it provides the examiner with a broad concept of what it is that he is going to read next.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Short Essay

If you have been tasked with writing a brief essay on a specific subject, there are a few guidelines that you should adhere to in order to complete the assignment successfully. An examination of the many stages involved in the writing of a short essay is in order.


The task of locating resources that can be relied upon is one of the most important responsibilities. The piece of good news is that given the brevity of an essay, you will only be required to cite two or three sources. It’s possible that the articles or books in question came from respectable publications or publishers in the United States, such as Sage Publications. Make sure that all of your sources have been reviewed by other people in the field, and pay attention to when they were published.


It is a challenging task to write a brief essay without first sorting through your thoughts and organising them. It’s impossible, so you should concentrate on one particular area of interest instead. Maintaining a level of concentration comparable to that of a laser is necessary when writing a short essay. Every single one of your phrases ought to be pithy and laser-focused on the matter at hand. It is essential to have a firm grasp on the subject matter that you intend to write about.

An essay that recounts a story from the author’s point of view is known as a narrative essay. In its most basic form, a narrative essay is a piece of writing. The majority of the time, the events are derived from actual occurrences in real life. Students need to pack their tales with as much sensory description as they can muster in order to accurately portray the inner and outer action of the narrative they are writing.


Following the process of brainstorming, the next step that follows naturally is outlining. Now that you have all of your ideas written down, it is time to put them into action. If you have been given a topic that covers a broad spectrum of topics, it is imperative that you provide a comprehensive overview. Make a list of all of your arguments as well as any counterarguments that you can think of before you start working.

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