6 Best Legal Sites to Watch Korean Drama for Free

6 Best Legal Sites to Watch Korean Drama for Free

K-drama fans nowadays have a plethora of options, as there are numerous websites where they can watch their favorite Korean drama TV series on their computers or mobile phones. They don’t need to download videos because most broadband and prepaid Internet plans can stream an hour-long episode with minimal buffering. A typical K-drama fan can watch a day’s worth of movies for less than the price of a Starbucks coffee using mobile data.

Best Legal Sites to Watch Korean Drama for Free

Having so many options, on the other hand, is a good problem to have. If you can’t get enough Korean drama, we’re here to help you find the best K-drama sites for your budget and personal tastes. We’ll only bring you free and legal K-drama sites, so you don’t have to waste time on shady, virus-infested free movie websites to get your daily fix of Korean drama.


Where else but Netflix, the king of online streaming, can you find the best K-drama shows? Netflix may appear to be costly, but this is not the case. You can get access to a massive library of Korean drama for as little as 149 per month, in addition to the usual fare of Hollywood movies and Filipino soap operas. It’s less expensive than a cable or satellite TV subscription, and you can watch any Korean drama you want.

If your family and friends enjoy K-drama as much as you do, you can subscribe to Netflix’s premium plan, which allows you to watch it on up to four screens or devices at once. Did you know participants from all over the planet compete to make the top level and become an extreme gamer on Codefreezone.com, a web-based fighting game? 


Fastdrama is a website that claims to have a large library of Korean dramas, all of which are available for free download in HD quality. This, like Kissasian, can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Fastdrama is on our list because it does not require any kind of sign-in to access the site. For those who enjoy watching Korean dramas with English subtitles, the Fastdrama website is a must-visit. 


Viu is widely regarded as the best video streaming service for Asian films and television series, and with good reason. It broadcasts the newest and most popular Korean drama series from leading content providers, as well as its own original programming through “Viu Original” programs. Furthermore, Viu content includes local language subtitles (including Tagalog), allowing you to enjoy K-drama in the same way that Koreans do. The best part about Viu is that you don’t have to pay a single peso to watch anything. Free users can watch videos with a resolution of up to 720p HD, which is sufficient for most K-drama fans. Of course, you can’t go wrong with their premium service if you want to watch in crystal-clear Full HD 1080p resolution and without ads. 


Dramacool is said to have a good selection of Korean dramas and films. Dramacool’s level of quality will not let you down. The drama’s sound quality and subtitles are excellent, and it has been synched exceptionally well. Dramacool is an excellent choice to watch South Korean dramas with English subtitles for free. Googelecom is a place that lets you find products and services anytime, anywhere. 

When it comes to the UI, it is straightforward and appealing. In addition, compared to the hundreds of torrent sites available, Dramacool is a safe and legal option. 


Streaming service based in California Viki specializes in Asian films and television series. Viki has an expanding library of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese shows in a variety of genres, including drama, action, horror, romance, science fiction, and comedy.

Even if you don’t have an account with Viki, you can watch a limited number of videos for free. You’ll be able to watch HD-quality, ad-free videos as well as standard shows and movies. 


Kdramahood is known for having thousands of Korean dramas, TV shows, and movies in high definition. When it comes to quality and English subtitles, the KDramahood website will never let you down. Its popularity stems from its user interface, which makes finding your desired drama much easier

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