How to Become a Professional Early Childhood Educator in Adelaide?

How to Become a Professional Early Childhood Educator in Adelaide?

Do you have the inclination towards teaching young children? Do you have the patience to promote learning and development in young children? If yes, then becoming an early childhood teacher could be an excellent career choice for you! Early childhood teachers care for young children in a friendly atmosphere where the children’ emotional, emotional, physical and educational needs are met.

ECE (early childhood educators) are the strong building blocks who help build a solid foundation in children in their early years. There is a huge demand for Early Childhood Teachers in Australia. Early Childhood Teachers not just teach basic maths, language, music, art or literacy to pre-primary students (young children aged between 1 to 6 years old) but they promote young children’s emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development.

In fact, you would be surprised to know that Early Childhood Teachers are much more in demand as compared to primary or secondary teachers. Let’s delve deeper into details about how to become an early childhood teacher in Australia:

Who is an early childhood teacher?

The early stages of childhood (0 – 5 years of age) is the time when a child learns quicker than at any other time in life. During these formative years; a young, naïve child experiences rapid cognitive (intellectual), emotional, social, and physical development.

The experiences that a child gains during this most important phase of his/her life will affect every sphere of his/her life, personally and professionally. Thus, the role of an early childhood educator is highly crucial. An ECE helps develop vital skills for all future learning in young children.

What are the duties of an early childhood educator?

Early childhood educators work one-on-one with young children. The duties of an early childhood educator in Australia involve:

  • Teach basic skills to young children such as literacy, art, counting knowledge, music, and numeracy.

  • Focus on the overall well-being of young, innocent students and including even those with special needs.

  • Develop their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development.

  • Promote language development through rhymes, songs, role-plays, storytelling, drama, and games.

  • Plan fun and playful activities using various tools to promote creativity in students.

  • Use various objects to develop their social skills and self-confidence.

  • Supervise nutritional diet of young students.

  • Listen attentively to young children and understand their actions and words with patience in order to learn about their needs

  • Involve in community activities and family support programs as and when required.

  • Assist infants and young children with personal hygiene, dressing, sleeping, and eating.

  • Identify any signs of sickness, and developmental disorders.

  • Analyse, record and discuss the behaviour, learning, and progress of infants and young students with parents and caretakers.

  • Convey the young child’s condition to other teachers, doctors, healthcare nurses, psychologists, and speech pathologists.

  • Maintain a safe, hygienic, friendly and loving atmosphere.

  • Conduct indoor as well as outdoor learning classes.

  • Provide basic first aid as and when required.

  • Supervise the activities of support staff and train them accordingly.

Becoming a Professional Early Childhood Educator in Adelaide, Australia:

Necessary Formal Education

In order to become an ECE (early childhood educator) in Australia, you are required to complete a minimum educational qualification in Early Childhood Education and Care Adelaide. Or if you have a Diploma majoring in early childhood education and care; you may undertake a more condensed Bachelor’s Degree that would take only 2 years, as you would receive credit for the Diploma Studies you have completed before. In most cases, early childhood educators need extra certifications to be ready for emergencies, and in Canada, these professionals go to first aid Kitchener.

Go for Higher Studies

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree; you can apply to study the Post Graduate Diploma or Masters. This can be completed in just one year at certain Universities. As an integral part of the Post Graduate program; you would be required to complete the necessary supervised teaching practice.

Having a Post Graduate qualification in early education empowers you with a deeper understanding of early childhood development and it will further help you move ahead in this job role. Besides, the Post Graduation in early childhood courses will also teach about the importance of establishing positive relationships with support staff, parents, and communities.

After completing the formal education; you can register yourself with the Department of Education as an early childhood teacher in your Australian state or territory and look for job opportunities in kindergartens, primary schools, community care centres, and private/government hospitals.

Early Childhood Teacher Courses in Adelaide, South Australia

Child Care Courses Adelaide offers courses such as certificate 3 in childcare Adelaide, and Diploma of early childhood education and care in Adelaide. The certificate III in Early Childhood Education and care courses are specifically designed to equip you with skills to maintain a safe and healthy environment for children. Besides, you learn the skills to communicate and work in a cooperative manner with the teachers and colleagues. The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is the minimum requirement for a job in the childcare sector and a qualified job in day care centres.

The Diploma in early childcare Adelaide course will provide complete training to prepare a positive environment for children. Besides, the Diploma course also imparts education to identify the needs of individuals and groups of children to facilitate their overall growth.

The Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care will enable you to take your learning gained in the Certificate III course to the next level and find better job opportunities in the childcare sector. Diploma in early childcare Adelaide course also enables you to have manager and director level roles at child care centres.


If you have the patience and inclination in you to teach young children and shape their future for the better; then becoming an early childhood educator (ECE) is the best option for you. Apart from being a satisfying job option; the role of an early childhood teacher has multiple growth opportunities.

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