Box Office: ‘Scream’ Tops ‘Scream 4’ As ‘Sing 2’ Nears $270 Million Worldwide

In the box office weekend news related to Spider-Man: No Way Home ($ 11.6 million over the seventh weekend with 735.5 million home cume), Spyglass and Paramount’s Scream took full advantage of the complete lack of major new releases this weekend. The R-slasher series gained another $ 7.35 million (-40%) in the third weekend with a total of $ 62.139 million in 17 days. That’s a better drop than the last two Scream sequels (-47% and -69%) and is far from the third weekend (Christmas weekend 1997) of Scream 2. A $ 24 million flick should triple its budget at home. , and so far surpassed the $ 98 million global Scream 4 coin and new $ 106 million global cume.

Among the R R of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It ($ 65 million) and Halloween Kills ($ 92 million). If it continues, it should complete its $ 75 million domestic operation and $ 125 million (5.2 times its production budget) worldwide. And, yes, it is very rare, if not the most unprecedented, that the franchise has returned from an unpopular pursuit (Scream 3) and a tragic trade track (Scream 4) to return to at least moderate (inflation aside) its original glory.
Universal and Illumination’s Sing 2 continues to be Jumanji 2 / Tomorrow Never Dies for the 2021 Christmas season. The $ 85 million jukebox series gained another $ 4.8 million (-17%) over the sixth weekend. That will give Matthew McConaughey / Scarlett Johansson / Reese Witherspoon / Taron Egerton / Bono a $ 134.5 million home drama. At that time, it opened at $ 9.3 million in the UK and Ireland, the biggest opening of the epidemic and the third largest of any time since 1917 January 2020. It earned $ 17.4 million overseas this weekend, just below Spider-Man : No. Way Home ($ 21.1 million), with $ 133 million new overseas and $ 268 million worldwide. All this while on PVOD a few weeks ago.
Universal’s Redeeming Love (direct distribution contract, natch) earned $ 1.85 million (-48%) over the second weekend. That will give D.J. Caruso’s love based on faith costs $ 6.53 million in ten days. Jumping for a while, another recent participant last weekend, Princess Daughter (who had been on the shelf since 2014), earned $ 435,000 (-40%) in the second weekend of receiving $ 1.471 million in ten days. 20th Century Studios’ The King’s Man, which dropped by only 2% this weekend, has earned $ 34 million at home and $ 114.4 million worldwide. The 355 will have $ 13.1 million on the 24th day, having entered the PVOD market area on Friday. The American Lionsgate Underdog earned $ 1.225 million (+ 4%) over the sixth weekend with a new 24.8 million home cume.
Sony’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife will earn $ 770,000 (+ 18%) over the weekend 11 to receive a new $ 128.06 million cume, approaching the $ 128.35 million unblemished cume for Ghostbusters: Answer Call. I think they will drag it to the finish line as they did with Venom: Let There Be Carnage (past Venom earlier this week). Licorice Pizza, which is likely to be finalized in next month’s Oscar competition, will have a solid weekend ten with $ 691,187 (+ 5%) of the new $ 11.816 million cume. That would be great if the next Cooper Hoffman / Alana Haim drama did not cost $ 40 million, but I would argue that MGM did not get into the business of Paul Thomas Anderson for short-term commercial reasons.

West Side Story earned $ 614,000 (-14%) in its eighth weekend. That will provide $ 100 million for remodeling / remodeling $ 36 million for home and $ 60 million worldwide. That is the third “award-winning season” after Dune ($ 107 million / $ 398 million) and House of Gucci ($ 53 million / $ 151 million). Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley also received a black and white release (+713 theaters) over the seventh weekend, a critically acclaimed but neglected commercial film that earned $ 534,000 (+ 133%) of $ 10.35 million home and $ 14.9 million. all. The film arrives at Hulu and HBO Max on February 1. Belle will earn $ 340,000 (-40%) for $ 3.4 million in 17 days. Pedro Almodóvar’s Parallel Mothers will break $ 1 million at home over the weekend.
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