Common Gutter Problems Faced by Homeowners


You obviously don’t think about the state of your drains every day. If you’re like most individuals, you don’t give them a second thought! Until something really bad happens, of course. So, why then are gutter so crucial, then why should you care about them?

Gutters have a single purpose: to divert water away from your home’s foundations. Obviously, it’s critical to keep your foundations in good condition, as it’s what holds the entire house together. Your gutters must be kept in good working order in order to maintain away the water from the base. That’s a compelling argument to ensure they’re in good working order.

Maintaining your gutters will help you avoid damage

Don’t be concerned. It’s not difficult to keep your gutters healthy and clear of dirt. You don’t have to keep an eye on them each day to spot issues. All it takes is keeping to a scheduled maintenance routine. That includes not letting things sit for months on end. You can make sure that the gutters would last for many years if you commit to annual upkeep.

Gutters that don’t drain or are clogged

Clogging is the most prevalent gutter issue we encounter. When gutters become blocked, they are unable to drain correctly and may overflow during heavy rainstorms. When water is unable to get through effectively, it might cause issues with your base. That’s why it’s critical to maintain your downspouts clean—you want the liquid to seep freely through them.

Stick to a twice-yearly maintenance schedule to keep them clean of debris. This may vary according to your environment, but clearing them out in late fall after many of the leaves have fallen, then in the spring (in March or April) to ensure they’re clean for those April rains, is generally a good idea.

If you have a lot of junk in your gutters, you might want to consider adding gutter covers and get an emergency gutter cleaning. However, they can be quite costly, and they still require some upkeep.

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Gutters that are sagging

Overflowing water isn’t the worst issue you’ll encounter if your gutter becomes clogged with material such as leaves, branches, and stagnant water. Gutter sagging can also be caused by the weight of this debris.

Unsecured hangers (the hardware that holds the downspouts to the house) pull away when they can’t support the added weight. It’s usually as simple as clamping down again, however, it could possibly be due to the hooks being further apart. You’ll need to replace them in this situation, making sure they’re near enough together.

Holes and Leaks

It’s likely because your gutters spring up a leak if you observe a trickle of water flowing down from the center of them. Holes and leaks can occur at any time and are generally simple to repair. Caulk the seams with gutter sealant to fix leaky seams, but larger gaps will have to be patched. Patching supplies are simple to use and can be bought at most home improvement stores. Just make absolutely sure you patch a hole with the same materials as the gutter—using a different material can lead to erosion.

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