Pakistani Travel Vlogger performed Umrah after riding a bike for 50 days

Pakistani Travel Vlogger performed Umrah after riding a bike for 50 days

Pakistani Travel Vlogger performed Umrah by his Bike:

We have heard various news and stories about Umrah since childhood. Now another piece of news or story circulating can surely inspire our Muslim community to start the journey of Umrah. At the beginning of the second month of 2022, a Pakistani travel Vlogger performed Umrah after riding a motorcycle for 50 days.

Indeed today, UK residents can perform their Umrah after a 2-year ban, if they succeed in finding the best Umrah Packages.

How did Pakistani travel Vlogger perform Umrah with the help of his motorcycle?

Pakistani travel enthusiast performed Umrah with the help of his bike with real intentions. The name of this travel villager is Abrar Hassan who belongs to Nankana Sahib (a city in Punjab province). This is not the first time Hassan has travelled to any country on his motorbike. He has visited 80 countries. He visited at least 12 out of 80 countries on his two-wheeler (motorbike).

Hassan started his holy journey from his hometown (Nankana Sahib) Pakistan. During this journey, he crossed three continents in 50 days and finally reached Madinah on March 27, 2022.

He is a professional mechanical engineer and is currently employed by a German automotive company. He had shifted from Pakistan to Germany in 2008. Having been part of a German automotive company for the past 13 years, he is now a German Nationalist. He started his travel Vlogging a few years ago, which he mentioned in his interview.

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What Hassan told in his interview?

He said in his interview that performing Umrah on a bike was his greatest dream. Hassan told that he planned many times but it was fulfilled in March 2022. In the end, Hassan said: “My words may not reflect my entire trip to Saudi Arabia on my bike because it is worthless.”

Her few seconds of conversation with Arab women made her famous on all social platforms and Hassan was really surprised to know that.

Conversation between Hassan and Saudi Woman:

Hassan said he stopped at a tea stall to buy a cup of tea during the trip. After asking the stall owner where you are coming from and where you want to go. He told the stall owner (a Saudi woman) that he had completed his journey from Pakistan to Madinah on a bike and that his next intention was to perform Umrah. Hassan’s response shocked the Saudi woman. And the owner of the stall did not receive a cup of tea, saying that “you are a guest”.

He also said in his interview that after the video of my conversation at the tea stall went viral, various motorcycle groups from Jeddah and Riyadh started sending me messages asking them to come and stay with us in our cities and towns.

He also said during his visit to Saudi Arabia that he accompanied Mecca to all the sacred and mysterious lands that are the hallmarks of Arabic culture. The story of the trip could change the mindset of Westerners and Americans alike who believe that Saudi Arabia is a land of conservative minds. Abrar Hassan said that Arabs warmly welcome everyone who respects their culture.

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country so we cannot preach any religion other than Islamic teachings. Since opening tourism, Saudi Arabia has eased past restrictions such as female driving, movie theatre, and solo lady travel.

Now a single woman can travel to the various cities of Saudi Arabia with Umrah on her visit visa. This woman does not need a male relative (mahram). Now almost all travel agencies are offering visitor visas in Umrah packages 2022.

The purpose of sharing Abrar Hassan’s story is to inspire those who want to perform Umrah 2022. Umrah can be a source of attaining Paradise because it is a promise of Allah.

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