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Instagram houses some of the most amazing content. These eye-catching photos and videos work as great inspiration when drafting your content. While scrolling through the amazing content on Instagram we always find something that we wish to download instantly. Instagram does not allow us this. Instagram has some privacy norms per which it only allows you to view media and not download it. The only option to keep the media is to add it to the saved folder by pressing the ribbon button on the bottom right corner of a post or choose to save from options list of reels, videos, etc. there is no way to download the content to your device. You can always download any Instagram photo or video using Instagram photo and video downloader.

What is an Instagram photo and video downloader?

Google houses multiple photo and video downloaders. These are software’s that help you download any Instagram photo, video easily to your device using its URL. Instagram photo and video downloader are easy to use tools that provide you option to download nay Instagram photo or video in high quality directly to your gallery. Using these tools you can even download video from reels. iZoomyou is one of the highly downloaded and used Instagram photo and video downloader app.

Features of Instagram photo and video downloader:

  1. Unlimited downloads: You can download unlimited photos and videos from Instagram using these Instagram photo and video downloading applications. Certain apps like iZoomyou work free of cost but some might charge for the service. You can get unlimited downloads to your device even without registering just on iZoomyou.
  2. High pictures, audio and video: Instagram photos and video downloading applications offer media in high definition pictures. You get all audio and video content in high audio and video quality. These Instagram photos and video downloader’s enable you to download any media in original quality without watermark.
  1. Anonymous and easy to use: It is easy to use these tools as you simply need to paste the media link from Instagram and you are done. Also these Instagram photos and video downloading applications are anonymous and do not let the other person know you downloaded their content.
  2. Easily ccessible from any device: Certain Instagram photos and video downloading apps like iZoomyou are available on all devices and operating systems. You can access the tools from Google or download the app for your android or iOS device easily.

How to use Instagram photo and video downloader:

Step 1: To download any photo or video from Instagram, simply navigate to the post, reel, video on Instagram and tap on the options button on the media to reveal a drop down list.

Step 2: From the list of options choose ‘copy URL’ option.

Step 3: Navigate to Instagram photo and video downloader tool, and in the field provided paste this URL and tap search.

Step 4: The software uses AI powered tools to fetch the media. Now simply press the download button given over the media to download to your gallery.

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