Find out what dinosaur has 500 teeth.

dinosaur has 500 teeth

The Nigersaurus (pronounced “nee-zhayr-sakit-rus”), also known as “Niger lizards” or “Niger reptiles,” was a kind of dinosaur that lived between 121 and 99 million years ago.

The fossil of the dinosaur was first discovered in 1976 but was not named until in 1999, after further complete fossils had been found and were described.

This dinosaur is thought to contain over 500 teeth which was a pure herbivore diet. Nigersaurus was a large animal that lived in an ecosystem that was populated by predatory dinosaurs Suchomimus is an herbivore that was a combination of ouranosaurus, lurdusaurus, and supercroc. Nigersaurus has smooth skulls and a large mouth that is lined with specially-designed teeth that can look for plants that are close to the ground.

The long-necked dinosaur is distinguished by its broad, straight-eyed muzzle, which had more than 500 replacement teeth. Its fossilized skull nigersaurus was among the first skulls of dinosaurs digitally recreated from the CT scan.

Nigersaurus has a large muzzle that is filled with over 500 teeth, including these are 68 column in the jaw’s upper, and 60 jaw columns on the lower. The front teeth be worn out within a matter of an entire month, and will then be replaced. This makes Nigersaurus the fastest dinosaur to replace teeth.

What dinosaur is alive today?

Apart from birds, there is no evidence from science that dinosaurs, like Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, or Triceratops are still around. They, along with all dinosaurs that were not avian, went extinct around 65 million years old, at the close in the Cretaceous Period.

Where did the 500-toothed dinosaur locate?

dinosaur has 500 teeth

Nigersaurus which is also known under the scientific name Nigersaurus Taqueti, was initially identified in Tegama Grup’s Elrhaz Formation, an area known as Gadoufaoua which is located within the Republic of Niger. It is among the most commonly found vertebrates in these formations.

These remains from Nigersaurus were found during an expedition in 1965 and 1972 by an French paleontologist known as Philippe Taquet. The discovery was first reported in a paper published in 1976.

What dinosaur is alive today?

Apart from birds, there is no research-based evidence to suggest that dinosaurs, like Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, or Triceratops are still around. They, along with all dinosaurs that were not avian, went extinct around 65 million years old, at the conclusion in the Cretaceous Period.

What’s an old dinosaur tooth worth?

The price of a tooth from the dinosaur ranges between $20 and the mid-point of $2000. A few cost more than $25,000 for one tooth. The price depends on the kind of dinosaur, and whether it’s one tooth or is attached to jawbones.

What can dinosaurs eat when they have 500 teeth?

dinosaur has 500 teeth

Nigersaurus are herders who feed on the ground, but they are they very sensitive. The size of the mouth and the lateral position of the teeth show that sauropods take a large amount of food and then cut it down to the surface, about one meter off the ground.

The teeth are supported by external look of the lower teeth. which is similar to Dicraeosaurus as well as Diplodocus. It is believed that Nigersaurus is one of the most fragile bites of sauropods. Additionally, tiny scratches appear on the bones and teeth are nearly identical. This is caused by the mineralized gravel.

These conditions are not common among higher explorations. Thus, Nigersaurus exhibits that it is a herbaceous animal that feeds on soft plants, including low-growth ferns. Learn more about what is the Kansas State Animal.

What dinosaur has 800 teeth?

Despite its popularity as a dinosaur eating plant with three horns and over 800 teeth Triceratops could have also been extremely intelligent. A new study suggests that Triceratops was more sophisticated in its bite than originally thought. It’s not a secret that Triceratops is among the most popular dinosaurs of the history of.

What’s the name of the dinosaur with 600 teeth?

With over 600 tooth-like teeth inside its jaws Niigersaurus was a formidable animal. Plant cutting is possible using these shears, which are 30 centimeters long and form an array across the front of jaws.


What is the largest dinosaur?

The vast majority of the herbivorous specimens discovered in the 1970s and later and include the enormous titanosaur Argentinosaurus Hunculensis. It is the largest dinosaur identified from uncontroversial evidence. Its estimated size been between 70 and 80 tonnes (77-88 shorter ton) and 36 meters (118 feet) …

Which animal has the best teeth?

On land, the mammal with the largest number of teeth is called known as the Giant Armadillo, which can contain as many as 100 teeth within its jaws. In the oceans, the Spinner Dolphin can have as more than 252 teeth in its long, thin jaws.


If you are looking for the dinosaur with 500 teeth The most likely answer would be Nigersaurus. Their fossils showed that they had 500 teeth, with a neck that measures 10 meters long and belonged to the sauropods group. Scientists discovered this because they examine their skulls and the skeleton.

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