How to take care of your elderly pet?

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Is your dog or cat showing less and less energy and showing signs of isolation? He is probably starting to age and needs special attention. All our tips for taking care of your elderly pet.

Because they are part of the family, sometimes even from the young age of your children, our pets are of paramount importance. Unfortunately, they age too, and as time goes by, you need to give them special care.

Signs of aging in animals

In cats, the first signs of aging are observable in the coat. The latter is increasingly dry and dull. Also, the hairs fall out more than usual. In addition, you will notice traces of dirt on your cat’s coat. This means that he can no longer wash properly due to a lack of flexibility. Your kitty’s weight loss may be the result of a lack of appetite or difficulty chewing food. These signs also alert to his onset of old age. An aging cat will at that time be much more thirsty than usual.

In dogs, it is possible to notice a lack of visual clarity and deafness as they age. Another factor to watch is their appetite. If your dog becomes reluctant to eat and drink, take him to the vet. Moreover, a sign of aging that does not deceive is the disorientation of the pooch in familiar environments or a strong tendency to want to hide. Also, keep an eye on your dog’s cleanliness. If the latter becomes less and less clean, it is by demotivation due to old age.

Dogs and cats enter their geriatric period from the age of 7 years. To find out about the care schedule for your animals.

The needs of older cats

The older cat needs a regular rhythm of life in order to avoid any stress. It is recommended to feed him at fixed times and to give him at least 20 minutes of play per day.

As far as food is concerned, it must suit your cat’s needs. Due to its lack of activity, it will need fewer calories than a young cat. If your cat has difficulty chewing his kibble, give him liquid food. For more precautions, ask your veterinarian about the best product lines for geriatric cats. In order to prevent the risk of inflammation such as osteoarthritis, turn to foods rich in Omega-3 and 6.

Introduce more frequent monitoring of your cat’s general health, ideally weekly when your cat is very old. This control includes oral hygiene, hair, skin, ears, blood circulation as well as performing joint massages.

It is important to try to keep your cat active at the start of old age by hanging up its toys or its bowl so that it continues to move.

The needs of the older dog

An aging dog is like a puppy. He needs a lot of sleep to recover.

In addition to sleep, his diet must also be adapted to his activities. In the same way, it will be necessary to monitor any loss or excessive weight gain. It will therefore be necessary to regulate the portions while monitoring the weight of your dog.

As your dog’s immune system weakens, pay more attention to the care of his hair, skin and oral hygiene. Schedule more regular visits to the vet to make sure everything is okay. In addition, it is important to take into consideration the need to reduce the duration of walks.

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