Gary Brown: Technology has come far on a short journey

Apple launches Macintosh. ”

The ad was published almost 40 years ago, and Twitter’s “Old School 80s” briefly recalled the incident.

“Jan. 24, 1984: Apple launches the first Macintosh computer.”

Old school? In the 1980s? Looks like they just built a school. However, technology is rapidly evolving these days.

“It’s only 38 years ago,” said a Twitter fan in response to his tweet. “How far have we gone?”

The Macintosh was a masterpiece in its time, seeking to make the world of the computer a reality for those of us who were challenged by the use of electronic devices.

“A computer of surprise, confusion and panic,” an ad called Macintosh, notes, “there will soon be only two kinds of people, computer users and those who use apples.”
“If you can identify,” says the ad, with a finger standing over an old mouse, “you can use a Macintosh.”

This is not to say that it was Apple’s computer authorization. Those were words of pride used in corporate advertisements that were not truly true.

I’m pretty sure Apple’s volunteers won’t agree, but I can’t help but believe that computer hardware designed by different companies is like “equality.” Both the “PC” and Apple systems have somehow aligned themselves, with processes, software and equipment modified and exchanged between companies whose business is to come up with the next big thing in technology.
Even the Macintosh boasting a small, minimal screen in its time, has been surpassed in quality by a host of different laptop models. “The first Apple you can carry in a bag,” the ad boasted, though, after entering a large keyboard and a large mouse, that bag had to look much more like a suitcase smaller than a shoulder carrier.

I have grown up with years that I do not fully understand modern computer and I simply carry on with a little of what is recommended as the “latest” in technology.
Now, with the advent of computers that use cell phones, televisions, kitchen utensils, cars, cameras, and a host of other things, I find myself greedy to take on a continuous series of teens just to find someone I can put in the house. pick up and use electrical appliances in my life.

Lots of reminders
One thing we can all understand and agree on – regardless of our age – is that comment about the Macintosh ad about women I mentioned earlier.

Yes, computers have come a long way in a relatively short time – in our lives.

That was my thought when I saw this ad on Twitter, which was also written by another journalist I follow on social media.

Looking at this ad, I noticed that even in the mid-1980s it had improved a lot since the early 1970s when I first introduced it to what I saw as a computer.

This computer was not as small as the Macintosh. In fact, it was the size of a room.

My older brother, David, had a part-time job in a “computer room” at his college. When I arrived with my parents at Dave’s graduation, he took us to his “houses,” and we finally arrived at the place where he worked hard among the electrical equipment.

He and the “experts” who were with him worked hard to prepare for the greeting.

“Welcome Brown Family,” a banner-like message was said with Xs and Os printing on that old type of print paper that had holes in the side.

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