How the Cvstos watch brand is excellent

Cvstos watch brand

Highlighting a great mix of the most recent materials and conventional craftsmanship, the CVSTOS Chrono II assortment has every ideal element and design that are popular in contemporary Haute Horlogerie sports watches.

Exhibiting important areas of the wrist to show strength, these super usable and justifiable establishments furnishing chronograph watches feature the quick styling and development that is what might be compared to the youthful watchmaker CVSTOS. Since its origin in 2005, CVSTOS has taken on a sure and unlimited way to deal with the design of its assortments.

Bridging the gap between the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry and the brave avant-grade inspirations, Cvstos watches highlight complex workmanship and specialized prevalence. 

Not entirely settled by their perfect, present day styling and superior performance, the CVSTOS Chrono II models additionally grandstand their mechanical moves, which should be visible through the sapphire dial and case backs.

Color combination of cvstos

In fact refined, and strongly styled, the CVSTOS Challenge Chrono II Black and Red Forged Carbon Watch is a minuscule watch case, estimated 53.7mm x 41mm and made from cutting edge produced carbon.

While the material is liked for its incredibly light strength, it likewise has an irregular marble-like appearance, got from the implantation of individual carbon fiber strands. For this model, CVSTOS adds a red highlight to the material, giving it a novel, ultra-modern feel.

Finishing the unique grain of manufactured carbon, elastic is embedded into the crown, and the content on the dial case side pushers is improved with radiant red.

Micromechanical parts at work

The dial is made of against glare sapphire to feature the micromechanical parts at work. Here, pointers and tachymeter’s added more red accents to the scale. In an upward direction organized, 30 moment and 12 hour counters take position at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock.

There is a little counter for 9 seconds. The stout lime covered records are set somewhere inside the rib. Sticking to the matched back dial tasteful comparable to the CVSTOS watch, each motion is diminished to its extras so that nothing darkens the more profound look at the specialized parts.

The counters and power saves are shrouded so that main their edges remain, and the hands of great importance and moment are cautiously open. Beneath them, one can comprehend the shadow of the dating ring as each number holds on to show up in the opening at 3 o’clock.

Quality of Cvstos watch programming

This piece is furnished with CVSTOS 577 programmed chronograph type. Running at 28,800 vibrations each hour, it keeps a 42-hour power save. Noticeable through the sapphire case back, the wearer can appreciate the basic magnificence of their modern engineering and the bimetallic tungsten 88 and titanium grade 5 switches.

Portrayed with its three-layered dial angle with its dark and red manufactured carbon case and noticeable parts, the CVSTOS Challenge Chrono II dark and red produced carbon watch addresses the prime of current autonomous watchmaking. A piece for the insightful collectors who restore future materials and antique elements combined, this model is given dark steel collapsing snare on red elastic straps.

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