Off-Roading Made Simple: 5 Important Points to Remember

Off-Roading Made

There was a time when people had to think twice before they even considered going off-road. However, technological advancements and the emergence of high-quality off-road wheels have made it a lot simpler. 

Off road wheels are manufactured by a significant number of the United States’s top aftermarket rim majors. Thanks to competitive pricing and a remarkable rise in the number of vehicles and tires which are capable of traversing the worst surfaces you can possibly imagine, off-roading has become a way of life for many.

That said, there are certain factors which you must keep in mind if you are planning to go off-roading for the first time. 

Else, there are chances that your maiden trip won’t be as fulfilling as you would expect it to be.

From choosing the right vehicle to the perfect set of off-road rims and everything in between, here are some pro-tips that’ll make off-roading seem easy!

Off-roading for dummies: 5 considerations

Try not to miss any of these pointers.

Plan every step in advance:

This is one element that even experienced off-roaders tend to miss out on. Remember that there is a list of areas and trails which have the necessary legal clearances for off-roading. Simply because you see one of your neighbors taking his or her high-end SUV for a spin on a barren stretch of land doesn’t mean you should too!

Be smart; before you reach out to your nearest retailers for the latest set of off-road wheels, ensure that you have access to a stretch where you can let loose without a worry.

Contact Facebook groups of fellow off-roaders and also State-wise regional driving enthusiast forums for more details.

Select the right vehicle for off-roading:

There is a general idea that only the best SUVs are ideal for such adventures. That is only half-right; there are plenty of modern passenger vehicles which also offer splendid off-roading experiences.

A handful of premium cars which double-up as hardy off-roaders include Toyota’s Tacoma TRD Pro, Ford’s F-150 Raptor, the Land Rover Defender, Jeep’s Gladiator Rubicon, and the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Most of these vehicles are luxury vehicles with some being pick-ups. 

What they lack in off-roading capability, they make up in their superlative engineering and quality off-road rims

You thus have a lot of options to choose from! Meeting and bonding with locals (who must be avid off-roaders) is an excellent idea as you will get quality advice during your interactions.

Also, it is better to go for a 4-WD instead of an AWD vehicle.

Choose capable tires:

Do not (ever) overlook the need for high-quality, off-roading-capable tires! From Continental to Michelin to Nexen and from Hankook to Vredestein and Maxxis, you will get a pretty wide range of a “Mud-Terrain” radial. Picking the right radial tire is as essential as choosing the rims!

Traditionally, Mud-Terrain or M/T tires work best with off-road wheels because they are designed keeping a common goal in mind. 

However, if you are planning for a wild spin on a dry surface, try out “Nitto Trail Grapplers”; these are essentially light truck tubes. 

How about tires for traversing rocky and extremely uneven terrains? Check out the “Nitto Terra Grappler G2.” 

These are models used by professional racers and you will not be disappointed!

Ensure you have the right set of wheels:

Off road wheels are available either as forged or cast models; the difference lies in the process of their manufacturing. When it comes to everyday use, in cities and suburbs, you can opt for cast rims without a flicker of a doubt.

Cast rims are also less expensive than their forged siblings and are available pretty easily. One great advantage of cast off-road rims is that custom offsets- whether aggressive or otherwise- can be decided by you since these rims are shipped completely blank!

However, if you are planning to break your own off-roading records, nothing comes close to forged off-road rims. Forged wheels are extremely resistant to wear and tear!

Always carry a first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher:

These are some elementary safety tips which you should take seriously. A first-aid kit is necessary for every trip, and even more so if you are embarking upon your first off-roading adventure. From antibacterial ointments to adhesive bandages to cotton gauge and basic microbicidal solutions like Povidone-iodine, the first-aid kit should have the basics.

Analgesics are also essential for every trip. 

Since you will be off-roading over unfavorable terrains, the chances of engines overheating remain. Plus, minor fires have also been reported. Hence, it is recommended that you carry a portable and functioning fire extinguisher.


It is essential that you always buy only branded off-road wheels only. Of course, they are more expensive than unbranded rims which seem to have flooded the American markets, but they are crucial for your on-road safety, besides better driving pleasure and increased mileage.

It is also necessary to identify a reputable retailer. Perhaps you can contact Audio City USA of California for more advice & branded rims on 888.814.1158!

Safe driving!

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