How to Transform Your Bedroom from Boring to Beautiful


The bedroom is where we rest and recharge ourselves for the next day. Although we don’t really spend the whole day in the bedroom, it is still important to make it look beautiful and not boring at all. If you’re happy with how your bedroom looks, it feels more comfortable to stay in it even for a longer time.

If you’ve had that bedroom for a while now, it is natural to feel a little bored with how it usually looks even if it is already stylish. Here are some tips to help you refresh your bedroom décor and make it more beautiful than it was before.

Update the Bed and Beddings

The bed is the main feature of a bedroom and it is also the main furniture that we use to sleep and rest. A beautiful bedroom would never be complete without a comfy bed to start with. If your old bed isn’t that comfortable to sleep on, it might be time to update and get a new bed. You could easily get a new bed delivered straight to your house by getting a mattress in a box. Don’t forget to update your beddings and sheets as well to complete your new cozy bed.

Add Some Throw Pillows

Aside from the pillows that you use, you could also add some throw pillows to your bed to serve as a decorative element. Look for colorful ones or even patterned or printed ones depending on which one suits your bedroom décor. Throw pillows add a touch of style to your bed as long as you don’t overdo it as well.

Change the Rug

Rugs are commonly forgotten when updating a room décor. However, simply switching the old rug has a great effect on refreshing the current décor of your room. When buying a new rug, choose one with a color or pattern that matches your bedroom style. Go for rugs with an extra-plush surface so you’ll feel comfy in every step.

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Swap Old Lighting Fixtures

You could play around with different styles when it comes to lighting fixtures. If you still have those standard light bulbs in your bedroom, now is the time to look for more stylish lighting fixtures – from bedside lamps, sconces, hanging lights, fairy lights, and many more. When choosing lights for the bedroom, it is best to choose ones that have a dimmer feature so you can reduce the luminosity if you’re trying to fall asleep.

Add Some Greenery

If you want to add some life to your bedroom, you can never go wrong with adding plants to your room. Aside from instantly refreshing your space, houseplants also add more life and color to any place where it is added. It also helps purify indoor air giving you better air quality to breathe while you’re resting. Look for plants that are easy to maintain and grow such as dracaena or Chinese evergreen.

You don’t need to spend a lot if you want to make your bedroom look fresh and new again. With those tips, you could transform your bedroom from dull and boring to something even more beautiful.

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