How to Use DeskFlex to Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs


If you’re looking for a desk booking software, DeskFlex may be a great choice. DeskFlex has a wide range of features, including a customizable Room Display Touchscreen, APIs, and Metaverse Telemedicine technology. Learn more about DeskFlex today! This article will walk you through some of the key features of DeskFlex. Read on to learn how you can use it to increase productivity and reduce costs.

DeskFlex Metaverse Telemedicine technology

With the use of the DeskFlex Metaverse Telemedicine technology, patients and doctors can meet virtually and converse in real-time. The technology enables physicians and patients to visualize and feel the patient’s ailing body parts. It uses a 3D avatar created by the Epazz Slims camera, which helps patients communicate their symptoms in 3D. This technology allows patients and doctors to communicate in a more personalized manner than ever before.

The Metaverse Office allows remote employees to work with their co-workers from anywhere by using a virtual reality headset. This technology enables remote employees to see and interact with other co-workers in the same office. This technology is expected to become a common tool for doctors and other medical professionals who work from home. This new technology will revolutionize healthcare in the future. The DeskFlex Metaverse Telemedicine technology will be available by 2020.

DeskFlex’s Room Display Touchscreen

The Room Display Touchscreen from Deskflex is a multi-function device that helps users quickly explore and book a meeting room. The touchscreen also makes it easy to check the status of a meeting room reservation from the office. Its incorporated mobile app lets users scan a QR code on the touchscreen in order to book a room. Moreover, it helps COVID-safe offices move back into the office and prevent the spread of infection.

The room scheduling app from Deskflex lets users create reservation requests and see the available desks. It requires an internet connection to operate. Team members can view their preferred workspaces and send alerts to other team members. Higher management can also create meetings and events and send notifications to session participants. Similarly, staff can book conference rooms and other equipment. The Room Display Touchscreen also helps organizations track equipment. The real-time status of all equipment in the room can be viewed by team members.

DeskFlex’s customizable scheduling features

If you need to schedule employees at your workspace, you’ll love DeskFlex’s customizable scheduling features. This software gives you the ability to set up your own scheduling rules to meet your unique needs. Customization is key to maximizing the software’s usefulness and cutting operational costs. DeskFlex is one of the few scheduling platforms that can be customized to fit your specific needs. Here’s how.

With more than 250,000 users across the world, DeskFlex continues to gain popularity and revenue with global companies. The latest product upgrade has drawn the attention of global corporations, attracting more clients and increasing overall revenue to over $410,000 in the third quarter. With these new features, DeskFlex is meeting the challenges of the new normal, helping organizations adjust and grow. DeskFlex also recently added COVID-compliant features, including Mask Detection, Contact Tracing, Dynamic Scheduling, Visitor Management, and more.

DeskFlex’s APIs

Epazz Inc. is a mission-critical provider of blockchain cryptocurrency mobile apps and cloud-based business software. It is collaborating with DeskFlex to provide virtual clinics to doctors and health practitioners. With this technology, physicians will be able to examine patients in 3D form, discuss treatment plans, and feel patient movements and gestures. The new platform is also expected to help streamline telemedicine programs. This is just the beginning of what DeskFlex is working on.

With years of reliability, DeskFlex continues to expand its services to Europe. The company is hiring more account managers to serve these customers in the region. Additionally, it has experienced a surge in calls and product requests from companies based in the region. In fact, DeskFlex is about to open an office in Dublin as its overseas expansion efforts intensify. And it continues to improve its software with new features, such as Social Distancing Software, to help companies and schools implement new health protocols.

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