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Webtoon Comics

A Webtoon comic is an animated comic typically meant to be viewed on a computer or smartphone. This comic originated in South Korea and is currently one of the most popular forms of entertainment. These stories often contain various characters, including Dalsaeowl, Pookie Senpai, and HYBE. Some of the more popular webtoons are Ha and Dalsaeowl, and we’ve outlined the best ones in this article.


HYBE has launched three original webtoon Xyz comics this month. The stories center on BTS, ENHYPEN, and Tomorrow x Together members and are sure to be hit with fans of these groups. HYBE labels develop lore around these artist concepts and have already been successful with their music videos. Their latest comic, “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life,” is a romantic fantasy about a boy who travels through time.

Pookie Senpai

If you’re looking for a sci-fi romance that’s also funny, you can check out Down to Earth, a webtoon created by Pookie Senpai. This webcomic has weekly chapters and is now complete with season one. The story follows a human named Kade who is bored with his tedious job, so he plays video games to relax. In the series, Kade meets an alien girl named Zaida, who has telepathy and levitation powers. The two meet and form a relationship.


You can also catch the new drama adaptation of “Ha Webtoon” on YouTube and check out some of its popular webtoons. The original webtoon, Ringing If You Like, is a popular Korean horror series written and illustrated by Chon Kye-young. The drama’s storyline revolves around Joalarm, a smartphone app used by Jo-jo, the heroine of the series. Her relationship with her two best friends becomes complicated when she accidentally downloads one of these apps.


Webtoon comics are online comics created with an innovative, mobile-first format. They have a readership of over 100 billion, with 500+ completed comics posted weekly. A recent live-action series, Sweet Home, was adapted from Webtoon comics and is a masterclass in narrative escalation. The comics are published in vertical form, making them easy to read on phones.


You can find new episodes of the popular webtoon in the Korean language on the Hwaeum website. There are currently five comics available. Some of these are free of charge, while others require a subscription. If you’re a fan, consider supporting the artist by purchasing one of their comics. You can also contribute to their work through social media, patronage, or coins. Some comics are available for free, while others are locked behind a daily pass program. You can read a chapter for free each day and unlock more with coins.

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