Reseller web hosting vs shared hosting which one is the best for you?

Reseller web hosting – The digital marketing industry is booming with the numerous new business websites getting life every day. However, before you think about setting up your business, one of the most critical decisions you have to make is regarding your web hosting.

Whether you need to set up a website for a brick-and-mortar business, eCommerce, or even get into website hosting, there are various options you may have heard about, such as shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated, and reseller web hosting.

Typically, when one considers setting up their website, shared web hosting is the first go-to option for them due to various factors discussed in the section below. However, for newbies, shared and reseller hosting often sound alike concerning the hosting environment. On the contrary, if you seek to leverage the best advantages of your hosting platform, be it cheap Linux reseller hosting or shared hosting, you must know the tidbits as well. Hence, here is a comprehensive overview of both the reseller hosting and shared hosting.

What is reseller hosting?

As the package title indicates, buying cheap unlimited reseller hosting means renting ample server space from a reliable hosting company such as Navicosoft. With this, you can serve your client base with web hosting services or host your multiple websites on the same server. The reseller hosting owners divide their secured server space and sell it further to third-party clients. Additionally, using Web Host Manager (WHM), the reseller web hosting owner creates and manages various hosting accounts using their Cpanel.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is quite relatable to reseller hosting at the level of the hosting environment. However, both hosting plans are quite different. Shared hosting is popular as the first hosting choice for newbies and even medium-sized businesses. When you get the shared hosting package, you are allocated server space, and several other clients use the hosting resources on the same server. Furthermore, shared hosting gets you one cpanel account and one username and login credentials.

Reseller web hosting vs. shared hosting 

Despite the basic similarities, both hosting options have some striking differences. Hence, shared and reseller hosting offers different advantages and disadvantages, respectively.

Advantages of shared hosting

  • Value for money: The primary reason for being the most preferred web hosting package for shared hosting is affordability. Using shared hosting, especially during the early stages of a business, is always accessible in one’s pocket. Importantly, if you manage to join hands with a reputable web hosting provider, you will be able to enjoy a good experience with the shared hosting.
  • Easy to use: You don’t have to worry about anything if you have one of the best hosting providers on board. Depending upon the package, you will have complete technical support from your provider. Further, your provider will be responsible for setting up and administrating the servers. Hence, you can quickly and solely focus on your website layouts.
  • Customization tools: depending upon your provider, you may get a range of intuitive add-ons and website building tools. These tools are not only easy to handle, especially for beginners, but helpful in developing a fantastic website. Even if you are a technophobic person, you will have to choose your template, tweak the code according to your needs and get a website live in no time.
  • Easy to scale: Shared hosting offers you to scale up your hosting resources on the server, such as bandwidth and memory.
  • Compatibility: Fortunately, most shared hosting packages are well-compatible with content management systems, including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc.


Some of the disadvantages of shared hosting include the following;

  • It is more vulnerable to security threats because if one website falls prey to a cyber-attack, all the neighbouring websites are prone to attack the same server.
  • Indeed, shared hosting is the cheapest hosting solution and a significant package feature. However, some hosting agencies offer limited customer support for shared hosting, which may be limited to tickets only.
  • You must not expect much of the advanced modification tools with shared hosting.

Advantages of Reseller web hosting 

A cheap Linux reseller hosting offers a lot of advantages to its users, such as follows;

  • Revenue stream: Indeed, reseller hosting is one of the best complementary options for a business.
  • Whitelabel hosting: This hosting package offers you complete control over the branding of the services you sell to any third party. Hence, you can resale your hosting services easily without telling your clients that you provide them with the space bought from another provider.
  • Personalized control panel: The shared hosting package is restricted to the management account only. The cheap unlimited reseller hosting allows you to offer tailor-made website hosting solutions for your customers.
  • Technical support: No website owner would like to engage in technical issues now and then. Buying cheap Linux reseller hosting frees you from the worry of attending to your client’s complaints because your provider will be responsible for the back-end and uptime issues.
  • Enhanced feature set: Reseller web hosting offers you an enhanced set of features compared to the shared hosting.


No product can satisfy 100%. Similarly, reseller hosting also poses some limitations, such as follows;

  • Cost: When you resell your hosting space, prices can mount quickly. Indeed, it is not about the cost of server space only. However, it includes the costs for marketing, potential staff hiring, and the add-on services for your customers.
  • Dependency: You can be carefree of your customer’s complaints because your provider’s technical support team will be handling it all. Such a system of reseller web hosting may prove to be an advantage and a disadvantage. Hence, you must get cheap unlimited reseller hosting from a reliable Linux reseller hosting provider in the town.

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