Scaling Up To Challenges: Southern Vermont College Overcoming Tough Times

Student in Southern Vermont College


In Bennington, Vermont, a small liberal arts college called Southern Vermont College has been going through some tough times. It has been forced to depend on its online arrangement in order to get by as a result of the Covid epidemic, which has caused delays in many plans and initiatives. Even yet, both students and instructors agree that the time has come for a shift in the educational environment.



After a period of financial instability and other organizational issues, the institution reopened its doors in December of last year. In addition to its business and humanities departments, they also include nursing, science and technology departments, as well as social science and social work departments. A number of extracurricular activities and financial support initiatives were also available to students from all walks of life via the university. This all combined to create a melting pot of many cultures that mixed and helped students have a better understanding of the working world.


SVC Faced Challenges with Modern Education

As a result of the COVID virus, which has been ravaging the earth for more than two years, the college has switched to a digital interface, which makes it more difficult to perform its degree programs. As a result of the combined weight of learning how to use the digital environment for learning while also dealing with other external factors, both students and instructors have felt the strain. Additionally, technical concerns have proven to be an ongoing stumbling barrier for both sides, making it far more difficult to access specific aspects of academics in general.

Some professors and instructors have found it difficult to adapt their courses to the schedule that is totally online in this case. A lot of students find it challenging to provide feedback, especially in courses that include a lot of hands-on activities. Even if the institution continues on its current path for the next many years, its problems may deteriorate if it does not get the necessary funding to make further improvements.


SVC Comeback with New Investment

The college is going to get some much-needed funds to assist it in its expansion. A total of $10 million has been invested in new projects and upgrading efforts. A $5 million annual operational reserve has also been established to cover a variety of operating expenses, and the board has expressed appreciation for an additional $2 million per year buffer to be used for student recruitment, marketing, and staff development initiatives.


President Address

In his address to the Southern Vermont College, Professor Kelan Briggs outlined his aspirations for the development of the college’s undergraduate and graduate programs in particular. In a statement, they said that “the rapid digitization of our modern world has inspired a substantial increase in interest in both business and technology.” It is our goal to establish a conducive environment for the McCormick Division of Business, as well as the John Merck Division of Science and Technology, to flourish.”


Society Improvement

As a consequence of these marketing activities, their student bodies have also voiced their view on some potential issues that may arise as a result. In order to reassure its students and workers, they said that the institution would guarantee that these relationships were ethical and that the academic integrity of the university was maintained. They will also be upfront about their future intentions, allowing the general public to analyze them and form their own opinions. This academic institution has a promising future ahead of it, in our opinion.

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