The Importance of Practicing Safety in The Workplace


Practicing safety in the workplace is very important as then employees know ways in which they can protect themselves. Others and also ways in which they can avoid harmful situations.

Fire drill

A fire in the workplace is not something that one can predict. Therefore, being mindful and educated on what to do if there ever is a fire is a good idea. Hence, having a fire drill every once in a while, in the workplace is a good idea as then employees can practice what to do and also what not to do if they are ever faced with such a situation.

However, in order for the fire drill to be effective, it is important to hire a competent individual to explain the process to the employees. It is also important to have the contact numbers of the Australian fire protection services on standby if they ever need to be called in case of an emergency.


It is important to upkeep the maintenance of the building at all times. It is also important that if ever anything is broken or dangerous to use. You make the employees aware of this. For example, if an elevator is broken and cannot be used then having an ‘out of service’ signposted on the elevator is important. If you do not want employees using the bathroom due to poor plumbing. Then you have a clear sign telling the employees that the bathroom is out of service and should not be used.

It is also important to make sure that the maintenance of the building is looked into immediately and fixed well. If there is construction going on in the office explain to the employees exactly which areas, they should either avoid or be mindful of. It is important to make things are known to employees as then they can be cautious. Another factor to keep in mind is we floors.

After an area in the office is mopped or scrubbed down, until the area is completely dry. You have a sign warning people of the wet floors. This is important because especially if an employee is in a hurry. He or she may walk faster than usual or even run causing them to slip on the way floors. Therefore, having a sign and warning the employee beforehand will cause them to walk more carefully even if they are in a hurry.

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Another safety tip to practice in the office is good hygiene. Always encourage employees to wash their hands. Wiping down surfaces, especially after a meal is eaten is another good practice. If an employee is feeling sick, encourage him or her not to come to work. Especially if there is a flu or contagious virus going around. Especially if there is a contagious virus going around encouraging employees to wear face masks. This is a good idea as this could protect them and also protect those around them.


Encourage employees to ask questions regarding their safety of themselves. Their co-workers because by asking questions you can either clear any doubts they may have or you may even be able to educate them further on the safety practices that should be followed in the office.

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