Top Sunglasses Trends For A 2023 Full Of Style

We are almost halfway through 2022 and speculations are on for the fashion trends of 2023. Ladies, have you already started your preparations for a wardrobe upgrade for the upcoming year? The year is different but the rule of complimenting your clothing with fashion accessories remains the same. You need to know that your look is incomplete without fashion accessories.

One of the best fashion accessories for your outdoor style game is sunglasses and they certainly deserve a place in your wardrobes not only for their superb style element but also for the much-needed function of UV protection.

We cannot stress enough over the fact that sunglasses are needed all throughout the year, contrary to a belief among some sections of the public that sunglasses are only needed to deal with the summer sun. Since the sun shines all year round, our eyes are exposed to UV rays throughout the year, making sunglasses an all-season eyewear option.

For all those ladies looking to up their sunglasses style game in the upcoming year, here is a trend forecast on the sunglasses styles that are going to be all over the streets in 2023. It is high time you upgrade your wardrobes with these statement-making styles.

Cat-eye Sunglasses

Being one of the most popular styles when it comes to sunglasses for women, cat-eye sunglasses make it to the trending charts more often than not. In 2023, there is a high chance that you will find them right at the top.

Popularised by iconic public figures like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, cat-eye sunglasses are a modern-day sensation. The beautiful angular structure of the frames in combination with the sassy upswept ends work in tandem to impart these pairs a pleasant aesthetics.

Apart from their popularity, these pairs also have an amazing versatility as you will find multiple options for all face shapes and for all occasions.

One of the most amazing variants that you need to look out for in 2023 include oversized cat-eye sunnies, which are quirky yet elegant. Going with upswept ends that are more prominent is the way to go in 2023. The metal frame cat-eye sunglasses, especially the browline variants are great for those looking for something sophisticated.


You can also try out designer pairs and if you are hesitant about their prices, you should  look for designer sunglasses for women over the internet where you will find top-quality pairs at pocket-friendly prices.

Round Sunglasses


Retro fashion never gets out of style. In present times, it is one of the hottest trends. When it comes to eyewear, the round styles are characterised by a retro touch and a classic appeal. Talking specifically about the sunglasses variants, these pairs are an absolute charmer.


If you are someone with angular face shapes, you are guaranteed an enhancement of your facial features and a flair that is unmatched. Wear them to a beach or to a weekend outing, round sunglasses will bring out the best in your style.


The 2023 trends are not just about the sleek and classy metal frame round sunglasses but also the modernist and chunky acetate frames. The key to styling the round sunglasses perfectly in the upcoming year is to go with the pairs that have traces of both vintage and modern appeal.

Geometric Sunglasses


A sophisticated style that is expected to make it to the trending list of ladies sunglasses for 2023 is geometric sunglasses. With geometric sunglasses, you can certainly expect to make a fashion statement that is bold and sharp.


Geometric sunglasses combine sides and angles in multiple ways. Various structural aspects such as symmetrical or asymmetrical sides, sharp or curved angles, conventional shapes such as hexagon and octagon or the unconventional ones, are integrated in a creative manner to design geometric sunglasses.


To keep up with the trends in the upcoming year, an amazing option would be the oversized geometric sunglasses, which radiate both fun and class. You can even try out the modern variants such as round geometric styles or even aviator geometric sunglasses to keep things a little offbeat. The timeless metal frames should be your go-to option for a classic elegance.



Although aviator sunglasses were designed initially to be used by male pilots as a safety eyewear, today they enjoy an immense popularity among females. The perception that these pairs can only be worn by men is absolutely false. Aviator sunglasses are going to be a hot trend for women in 2023.

The classic teardrop structure of aviators with its bold and vibrant appeal is a delight for the eyes and the sleek top bar is great to bring about a polished charm. The fine-tuned structure of aviators ensures that they look good on all face shapes.


To style your aviator sunglasses to perfection in 2023, you need to pick up the metal frame variants. And yes, double bridge aviators are expected to be a top trend in the fashion scene.


We all know that the teardrop structure has gone through changes over its existence. This has only raised the style bar of aviators to an altogether different level. Hence, pairs like the refined round aviator sunglasses or the super sassy cat-eye aviator sunglasses are a certain trend in the upcoming year.

Browline Sunglasses


Vintage pairs with a refined touch of class – this is how we would like to define browline sunglasses. The sharp structure that comprises a thicker frame at the brow area and a wire frame or a thin metal frame at the bottom portion will certainly make heads turn. This structure can be integrated with several styles making browline sunglasses a versatile option to style.


To keep things elite, the all-black browline sunglasses are superb. To bring in an element of fun to your sunnies, you have the oversized browline sunglasses to go with. Browline sunglasses have an outstanding ability to elevate all your outfits and there are multiple options to style them as per various occasions.


Vintage fashion is at its peak and this makes browline sunglasses in round style a certain trend in 2023. These pairs will help you make a fashion statement that is relevant and bold.

Clear Frame Sunglasses

Clear frame sunglasses have not been around for a long time, but ever since their introduction into the fashion scene, these styles have been an absolute charmer. To keep things contemporary and elite in 2023, clear frame sunglasses are what you should be opting for.


Whether it is the retro round styles that you choose or the edgy wayfarers, clear frames sunglasses will ramp up your fashion game and impart a look that will help you gain some bonus style points.


You cannot stop the iconic wayfarers from making into the trending charts of sunglasses as they have done it more often than not. The box-like frames with almost equal length and width and sharp angles are a people pleaser.


Although solid on all face shapes, wayfarers are just perfect for those with round or oval face shapes as their contrasting shape enhances the facial features associated with these face shapes brilliantly.


The evolving trends point out that the D-shaped wayfarers are going to be a big craze in 2023. We are also expecting the funky variants in bold colours such as red, yellow, green, among others to be opted for at a large scale.

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