What’s a skin check for skin cancer?

What's a skin check for skin cancer?

Skin cancer skin check can be performed by you or your health care provider. The screening looks for moles and birthmarks. It also checks for any unusual color, size, shape or texture. Skin cancer may also be detected by unusual skin marks.

According to skin experts like SundoctorsThe most common form of cancer in America is skin cancer”. Squamous and Basal cells are the most common forms of skin cancer. These cancers are rare and rarely spread to other areas of the body. They can usually be treated with treatment. melanoma is a third type of skin cancer. Melanoma is less common but more deadly because it’s more likely that it will spread. Melanoma is responsible for the majority of skin cancer deaths.

Skin cancer screenings can be used to detect cancer early, when treatment is easier.

Skin exam is another name

What’s it used for?

To detect signs of skin cancer, a skin cancer screening is performed. It cannot be used to diagnose any type of cancer. A biopsy is required to determine if you have skin cancer.

Why am I required to have a skin cancer screening?

These are the following: 

  • A light skin tone
  • Blond hair or red hair
  • Blue or green eyes are light colored
  • Skin that easily freckles or burns easily
  • Sunburn history
  • Skin cancer can be passed on to family members and/or friends.
  • Regular sun exposure during work and leisure activities
  • Numerous moles

Discuss with your doctor whether you should screen regularly, have your screening done at a provider’s office or both.

You may need to have your skin checked by a doctor if you discover signs of skin cancer. The signs of skin cancer vary depending on what type it is, but may include:

  • Modifications to existing spots or moles
  • Moles or any other skin marking that oozes or bleeds or becomes crusty
  • Mole that feels painful to the touch
  • A sore that does not heal in two weeks
  • Shiny pink, red or pearly white. Translucent bump
  • Mole or sores with irregular borders that can bleed easily

When you screen yourself for skin cancer, make sure to look out for signs of melanoma. It is easy to recall the signs of melanoma by using “ABCDE,” which stands to:

Asymmetry The mole is an odd shape with one half not matching the other.

Border The mole’s border is either ragged or irregular.

Color The mole’s color is not uniform.

Diameter A mole is larger than a pencil eraser or pea.

Evolution: The size, shape and color of the mole have changed.


Skin cancer is now becoming a very common form of cancer. It can catch you at any time or phase of life. If Diagnosed and treated early it can be treated with a 100% cure rate. But what matters is the timely screening of the skin. If you feel like there is something about your skin that is our of place or peculiar, it can be skin cancer. Talk to your doctor immediately if you suspect that you have melanoma.

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