Ways to Keep Your Drains Clear and Clean for Good

Drains Clear

rainsD are responsible for carrying out innumerable daily operations of your routine. From flushing away water to filtering debris and food particles etc.; a well-performing drainage system is indisputably important. 


Although a finely running drainage system is a blessing. But the day it clogs or starts causing trouble; one feels extreme inconvenience. Some of the most common causes of clogged drains are:


  • Cooking grease
  • Food particles or remnants 
  • Soap scum
  • Hair 
  • Coffee grounds 


To keep your drains clean and clear, you definitely need to adopt some simple drain cleaning habits. These will help you prevent drain blockage and clogging in the first place. However, there can still be times when the drainage system does breakdown or acts up a bit. It is best to contact a drain specialist or expert plumber to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. 


But to begin with, here are some tips that can help you maintain a clean drainage system. 

1. Dispose of Clogging Waste Carefully:

Be careful when disposing of clogging material. Do not throw it down the drain. This is a minor habit and can be developed gradually over time. Throw food particles and coffee grounds etc. in the garbage bag. Do not pour down cooking oil down your kitchen sink. Likewise, install drain screens in your shower to prevent soap scum and hair from going down the pipes. It is simply all about being a little mindful. 

2. Pour Hot Water:

Try pouring hot water down your kitchen and bathroom sinks, at least twice per week. This is a great way to clear the pipes from any type of grease and soap scum that might be sticking to the pipes. If you pour oil down the sink, keep pouring down hot water for a few seconds on it. This won’t allow the oil to stick within and cause a clog. 

3. Be Careful with Drain Cleaning Solutions:

There is an array of drain cleaning solutions on the market. However, you must practice caution when choosing and using one. Firstly, avoid buying solutions with harmful chemicals. They tend to erode your pipelines from the inside. Secondly, strictly adhere to the instructions mentioned in the cleaning solution. Do not use more than instructed. 

4. Call an Expert when Required:

People often avoid reaching out to an expert when a drain system causes trouble. This is an extremely wrong approach that tends to turn small inconveniences into bigger problems. Thus, if you notice any trouble with your water pressure or identify potential signs of drainage breakdown; call an expert right away and get it checked. 


Keeping your drains clean and clear is not a hectic task. However, it does require some mindful habits. Always make sure that you are cautious about what you throw down your drainage system and get it inspected by a professional, at least once per year. You can easily maintain your property’s drainage system with little habit and it will certainly run perfectly fine for years to come.

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