The Different Types of Blankets to Style Your Bed With


There’s nothing more pleasing than having you bed looking and feeling cosy and warm especially during winter nights. A good part of that cosiness comes for the blankets we layer and style the bed. Owning a favourite blanket is a process we all went through during our childhood.

However, as we grow up, it’s our duty to select the right types of blankets once again for our beds as there are so many different types out there. Whether you choose the plain ones or printed ones to give your room that extra touch of pattern and textures, the challenge is to get the layers right according to the weather and your comfort. Here are some of the blankets that you can make use to style your bed up with and stay warm in.

Cotton Blankets

If you take a look at the most opted choice for blankets, it’s the cotton blankets as they are an ideal choice for everyday use. Cotton blankets are light in weight and is a blanket that requires very little maintenance. You also do not have to worry about it irritating your skin as the fabric is soft and hypoallergenic. It’s best to be used as a layer under thicker yet lighter blankets such as few of the one’s we’ve listed below.

Weighted Blankets

This particular blanket is used especially amongst those who needs to improve their sleep either due to reasons such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, autism, etc. The reason behind this is that weighted blankets make use of the deep touch pressure. To help soothe a person into sleep. Weighted blankets are generally stuffed with beaded glass pieces or pellets.

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Quilts are also blankets that are made of cotton. However, they are thicker as the blanket cover is often stuffed with either cotton, wool or polyester. The best part about quilts is that although they may seem heavier, they’re actually lighter and provide the most wonderful warmth and cosiness once you get under it. They often come in printed patters or colourful ones. You can find some pretty doona covers in Australia for your quilts.


Alongside cotton blankets, comforters are also a popular choice as they are known to be the softest and warmest blankets out there. Comforters are made up of two pieces of fabric. That are generally filled with different materials such as feathers or wool. A comforter can add a touch of beauty and elegance to your bedding style, especially as a layer. It is also another thick yet lighter blanket choice.


Although much similar to a comforter, a duvet is thicker and provides more warmth than a comforter. You can use comforters with duvet covers as it is a soft and versatile choice of blanket. It’s a very convenient choice too. It is easier to clean. And are available in a great range of colours to glam up or accentuate your bedroom with.

To top it all of you can add in a throw blanket for the final layer!

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